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Tips to help you get your garage organized!

by Steve Davidson in blog

If you’re like me, just thinking about it gives you a headache.

OMG “where do I start” is always my first thought… then I close the door to save it for another day. Once you’ve decided to take on the task of cleaning it out.

The Home Organization Key

by Steve Davidson in blog

The Key to Home Organization

You can see all the pretty photos and ideas on Pinterest, Facebook and other internet sites. In stores, the floor models look flawless. Each and every time your path crosses with something like that, you wonder about your house. Why can’t it look like that? The only time it even comes close to it is when there are guests coming. A massive clean-up and cover-up happens then. Can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. What you really need is to understand the home organization key.

The New Holiday Storage

by Steve Davidson in blog

The one thing that is almost unanimously despised is finding the boxes and getting them to the right room. Or even getting them to the house if you have a storage unit. Once the holiday is over, you have to go through the same process again. If you had the new holiday storage system, you wouldn’t have near as much trouble!

Tips For Organizing Hobby Rooms

by Steve Davidson in blog

No better time than the end of the year to start organizing hobby rooms. 

An Easy Kitchen Cleaner

by Steve Davidson in blog

Looking for the Right Cleaner

Are you tired of searching the aisles for that perfect kitchen cleaner? Something that will actually work to beat the grease and possibly have multiple purposes? If you are like us, then you have been through this a lot. Finally having to settle with something that is less than optimal. It is a process that happens every time you run across something that won’t be cleaned by the cleaner you already have.

Hiding Christmas Presents in Plain Sight

by Steve Davidson in blog

With all this black Friday shopping, you know there is a lot you have to hide.

Where do you hide it all for the next 28 days until Christmas? With older kids, the closet and under the bed just isn’t going to work. They know all those tricks. Can sniff out presents before they have even been sitting there a day! Which almost ruins buying things before Christmas arrives, but you can’t beat the sales!

Easy Storage

by Steve Davidson in blog

Easy Storage Makes Your Life Better

When the only storage you need is for totes, we don’t often look for anything else. Totes are the main storage tool anyways, right. They easily stack up on top of each other and you can have rows without a problem. Until you need to use that space for something else. Then those totes just seem to get in the way. Solving this problem is actually easier than one might think. You don’t have to have the other overhead shelving units we were talking about earlier. You can organize them off the floor with another easy to purchase tool.