Hiding Christmas Presents in Plain Sight

by Steve Davidson in blog

With all this black Friday shopping, you know there is a lot you have to hide.

Where do you hide it all for the next 28 days until Christmas? With older kids, the closet and under the bed just isn’t going to work. They know all those tricks. Can sniff out presents before they have even been sitting there a day! Which almost ruins buying things before Christmas arrives, but you can’t beat the sales!

Easy Storage

by Steve Davidson in blog

Easy Storage Makes Your Life Better

When the only storage you need is for totes, we don’t often look for anything else. Totes are the main storage tool anyways, right. They easily stack up on top of each other and you can have rows without a problem. Until you need to use that space for something else. Then those totes just seem to get in the way. Solving this problem is actually easier than one might think. You don’t have to have the other overhead shelving units we were talking about earlier. You can organize them off the floor with another easy to purchase tool.