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Storage Lifts for Small Businesses

Versa Lift Model 24 has a 15.3 cubic foot, 200 lb. lifting capacity.  The lifting platform is 20-3/4" x 44". For all Specifications, Rough-In Guide, Installation Guide and Owners Manual click on "Manuals" on the menu bar above.

This is a 10 minute High Level overview of an actual install. Read the installation manual to understand the entire process, and feel free to call one of our engineers if you have questions.

Go to the MANUALS SECTION of this website for the appropriate model.

Community Organizations

We now have our VersaLift installed and operating. Everyone is so happy with the lift. The ease of use of the lift is amazing. No more carrying boxes up and down the stairs. Safety increased. time saved. We are so appreciative of your support in this project. we will certainly send anyone your way who may be looking for a unit such as yours.

Philomath Community Services

Light Commercial Storage Lift Installations

Perfect for Their Small Business

Our primary question in the beginning was, should a residential garage attic lift be used for light industrial use? Most of the time a question like this is posed in an effort to save money, as the residential versions are typically less expensive than an industrial version. While weight capacity is an initial concern, there are other aspects that have to be considered as well. As we researched and thought about it, we realized that we would not always be moving that much weight anyway, thus the Versalift turned out to be the right choice.

A residential lift may meet the weight capacity requirements for a business, and in some cases, such as an office that requires file storage in an overhead area it may be appropriate. That said, it is wise to check in with the local code laws. Some areas disallow the use of any residential components in a business environment. This is based on the idea that industrial equipment is built to a greater level of strength. Of course, this will depend entirely on the manufacturer. In theory it sounds right but in practice it might not be.

Safety codes are set in place to protect both the employee and the employer or business owner. If there is no standard requirement for such equipment, some businesses function perfectly well with the use of a residential lift while others do not. In our case, we were able to use a Versalift, no problem.

These lifts are not intended to carry people, and the inappropriate use of one may lead to injury. Often, managers and bosses do not know whether or not a lift system is a residential version or an industrial version. Most industrial versions of garage attic lifts are also not intended to carry people, either. An accident that leads to injury on an industrial lift is less likely to cause legal ramifications than one caused on a residential lift used in a small industrial environment.

The lower cost of a residential lift system is still a significant temptation. A strong, well built system is likely to run for decades without any real issues. We found this unit to fit the bill, and was easy to install and operate. And I don’t know how many medical bills we have saved since installing the unit, but I know our folks are a whole lot happier!

Fred Harvey
General Manager
Metro Mercedes & Volvo

Trophy Shop Uses Versa Lift for Stock Management

This unit was purchased from a leading Awards and Trophies company in Australia. They use it to bring their stock upstairs and down.

Small Business Storage Management

I am an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP). I formed my business, Stage Right Designs LLC, 5 years ago and have slowly amassed a large amount of inventory. I have resisted the temptation to rent offsite storage space and have struggled with keeping it in my garage, basement and every other nook and cranny I could capture in our house. One day I was reading The Handyman magazine (one of my favorites) and found your ad in the back of the magazine. I couldn't wait to show my husband when he got home from work that night. The answer to my dreams!

We ordered and installed the two story smaller version. It is installed in our 2 story foyer and takes my inventory to the attic with a push of a button! I have shared the video with many colleagues and friends. To a person they are totally blown away by the product and so am I! THANK YOU! You have saved my life and my back!


Atlanta, GA

Home Office Solution

I operate a small business out of the upstairs area in my home, Buying & Re-Selling Disposable Medical Supplies on both eBay & Amazon --- On many days, I receive 3-5 boxes of items that will be added to my on-hand Inventory.  I am 65 years of age, & making multiple trips up & down the stairs in my home, has become increasingly difficult.  

 This VersaLift has completely resolved a problematic situation for me.  Now, I can load multiple boxes onto the Lift, raise them up into my attic & be able to retrieve them from the upstairs area of my home.  

 Additionally, I have also used this Lift (on more than one occasion), to lower down multiple packages that need to be shipped out... Again, this is much easier than navigating the stairs while carrying these items.  

 I am very pleased with this VersaLift, in every possible way... Thank you!

 McGee SC

Medical Office Uses

Being a small business owner of a solo private practice, my office does not have a lot of storage space other than our attic. Having to carry heavy patient charts and unused furniture, up a pull down ladder, is the least bit easy. Now that I have my Versalift installed, I can get just about anything into the attic effortlessly and efficiently. 

Thank you,

Rebecca Farinas, M.D. 
Jacksonville, FL


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