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Attic Safety Railing

The Versa Rail makes going up into the attic as well as down and out much safer and easier as well. The Versa Rail is adjustable to fit most Attic Ladder openings. It telescopes down to a minimum width of 22 1/2" out to 30" or the length can be adjusted down to 54" out to 60". Once adjusted to the correct width and length, just fasten it to your attic decking with the proper lag screws provided.

Accessory Type Railing
Application Ladder railing
Material Type Steel
Adjustable Lengths 54" to 60"
Adjustable Widths 22 1/2" to 30"
Opening Required Adjusts to fit five ladder opening sizes
Warranty 12 months limited, parts/no labor
Ship Weight 24.0 lbs.


Ensure your safety while you are organizing and relocating your valuables. The items you need to store may be very important, but most people will agree they are not worth personal injury or the anxiety that most people feel when climbing up and down an unsteady ladder during the work period. The best part is that a Versa Rail attic safety railing can be paired with the Versa Lift attic lift system in order to create the perfect scenario for fast, easy, and safe clean-up.