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Attic Lift DIY

VersaLift Attic Lift Installation With Pictures

Versa Lift Model 24 has a 15.3 cubic foot, 200 lb. lifting capacity. The lifting platform is 20-3/4" x 44". For all Specifications, Rough-In Guide, Installation Guide and Owners Manual click on "Manuals" on the menu bar above.

This is a 10 minute High Level overview of an actual install. Read the installation manual to understand the entire process, and feel free to call one of our engineers if you have questions.

Go to the MANUALS SECTION of this website for the appropriate model.

Attic Lift DIY Customer Installations

The lift works perfectly and has already saved us numerous trips up and down the stairs

J. Stepo Jr

Versa Lift Model 32W

Extremely satisfied with our purchase of the VERSA LIFT Model 32W.  The larger size lift has worked out well to store large devices (e.g., - snowblower and leaf blower) in attic area during Spring/ Summer - and then Summer tools away during Winter.  I use the Lift very frequently - as I now no longer cart items up and down the “Pull Down Attic Stairs”.  Makes my work in the Attic much easier- and- I really feel much safer - as I now only take myself up and down the stairs- without carrying boxes/ tubs, etc.   Definitely one of the smarter home investments we have made lately!

Lutz, IN

More Customer Installations

Customer Install

Here is a great picture of what the lift looks like when up against the ceiling. There are four springs in each of the legs that stretch when the Ceiling Cover closes, the lift continues to travel through the attic hole floor joists and stops automatically when it comes even with the attic floor. (The installer put some trim around the opening) 

This installation was in THE VILLAGES, FL. Owner was thrilled about lift and install. (we have withheld her name for Privacy purposes)

Versa Lift Model 32 Installation

Over the years I have almost filled the attic of my bank barn with “stuff” that is too good to throw away. All of it was carried up the stairs. A lot of the items were antique car parts. I had decided that it was time to clean up. I soon discovered that items I carried up the stairs over the past 30 years have become too heavy for me to carry down. On the net I saw a video of the Versa Lift. It looked like just what I needed to empty and organize the barn attic. I decided on the Model 32 but needed additional lift cable for my 12 foot ceilings. I ordered the Model 32 Lift, additional cable length, wireless remote and the polished aluminum deck cover.
I decided to hire a local contractor to frame the opening for the lift and reinforce the cut beams. This cost about $600 but was money well spent. I wanted to assemble and install the lift myself. I followed the directions except for two items. They called for two able bodied men to carry the lifting mechanism up the stairs. I did it with help from my wife. The other was I made an accurate cardboard template of the legs to mark the position for the floor mounting holes. I ran a power line from the second floor to the lifting head in the attic and installed a switch with a pilot light to turn the power to the lift on and off.
The directions were clear and detailed, and I had no problems assembling and installing the lift. My wife helped me stand the lifting head upright, and I had a friend help move the lift over the opening in the floor and lag it down. It was nice that there were extra screws and bolts provided. Assembling the lifting platform and attaching the cables were done on the second floor of the barn. After checking all fasteners, it was time to test the lift. I went into the attic and following the directions raised the lift for the first time. The platform came up through the opening without rubbing on any side and stopped at floor level. It was perfect. Framing the opening took a little over half a day with two men, and it took me about 1-1/2 days to assemble and install the lift.
I am very happy with the Versa Lift and had no problems with the installation. After removing the “stuff” I no longer want, I plan to store any remaining items in totes. I would rate the lift, instructions and service from Steve at Versa Lift five stars.


Versa Lift Model 24 Installation

Recently finished the install of VersaLift 24 with no real issues. If one takes the time to read and review the instructions as well as the videos on VersaLifts web site, everything should go smoothly. At 68, the only real issue was getting the head unit into the attic as it is very heavy. That's what son in laws are for! I followed all the suggestions and when I removed the attic floor,  I discovered electrical wires where I originally intended to install the lift requiring me to move it over one rafter. Not a big deal. The engineering of the unit itself is clearly well thought out and assembly is fairly easy if one has basic skills. Wife and I have already used to get the holiday decorations down. What a breeze. We went with the basic wired unit and are pleased. Don't know why a remote would be needed as someone has to go up in the attic to load/unload the lift,  while the same goes down below. Unit works flawlessly and is perfect for us senior citizens. Would recommend it to anyone. Clearly a safety factor. 

 J Zamiska

Easy Install of Attic Lift Kit

The VersaLift is an absolute marvel. The VersaLift has replaced dragging, pushing, hoisting storage trunks, suitcases & seasonal items up & down a conventional attic access ladder.  The VersaLift has significantly increased the safety of moving materials to/from our attic space by eliminating the need to use a conventional attic access ladder.

Stoffer, TN

Attic Lift DIY Install

Three of us ordered the lifts and worked on installing them together. The instruction book made it clear on how to install the unit.

Short,  FL


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