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VersaLift Garage Storage Lift Installations With Pictures

Versa Lift can be installed as a garage storage lift in virtually any home. The wonderful part about these motorized pulley lift kits is the installation is easy and comes with detailed instructions. Our Versa Lift Model 24 has a 15.3 cubic foot, 200 lb. lifting capacity. For most homeowners storing items in their attic or overhead garage space is more than enough resistence. The lifting platform is 20-3/4" x 44". For all Specifications, Rough-In Guide, Installation Guide and Owners Manual check the links below.

This is a 10 minute High Level overview of an actual install. Read the installation manual to understand the entire process, and feel free to call one of our engineers if you have questions.




Garage Storage Lift Customer Installations

My wife and I really go all out when decorating for holidays and all the stuff has to go somewhere when the holidays are over. We have the "drop down" ladder/steps in our garage that go to the attic.  We have been dreading hauling all of it back into the attic.

This is when we started looking for options.  We reviewed many sites online and it became clear that the VersaLift was the best option by far. With all the options that we had to choose from, we decided on the VersaLift 32W.  The wireless remote saves a lot of time compared to the stationary button. 

My wife and I put the bottom of the lift together the garage and we put the top of the lift together in the attic.  My son and I cut and framed in the hole and installed the lift in just about 5 hours.  It is a breeze getting all of our stuff back into the attic after the holidays now...

Very happy with our purchase.

Dave Benton
N. Little Rock, AR


Garage Ceiling Storage Lift 

We finally got the new house finished and moved in, I cannot even begin to tell you how much we love our "Versalift". Don't know how we ever got along without it. Our garage is clean with no extra suitcases, etc. setting around! Our neighbors are trying to figure out how they can retro fit one in their garage. 

Thank you,

Judy Chaney
Medford, Oregon


Garage Attic Lift

I recently purchased a Versalift for our garage attic and could not be happier with the installed product. Our house has limited storage space and we have been renting a storage unit for items we could not get to the attic. The Versalift solved that problem and we will recoup the cost within 3 years of not paying for the rental space. 

We chose to place the Versalift between to rafters so the unit did not impead the open space in the attic. It fit perfectly and it is easy to load and unload. We used a contractor to install the unit. This is the first Versalift they had installed, but they indicated the instructions were easy to follow and there were no problems with the installation. After the installation was completed, we were able to get all of the container from the storage unit up to the attic in less than an hour.

Attached are some pictures from our installation.

Craig Sencindiver
Rehoboth Beach, DE


Garage Hoist Storage

I ordered the 24MH Versalift since I have 12-1/2 foot ceilings in my garage/race shop. I ordered it with the wall switch controls since my structure doesn’t lend itself to the corded remote, and I’m terrible about having wireless ones where I need them when I need them! The wall switches are great – you always have a control right there whether upstairs or down, and by simply installing an electrical box in the wall first (like used for a light switch or receptacle) you have a professional, finished look.

Even though I have a 48” wide permanent staircase that can handle large objects, carrying 5+ sets of race tires and wheels two at a time to the conditioned storage upstairs gets old. Not to mention heavy coolers, drinks, etc. As you can see in the pics, the upstairs is 102’ x 15’ so there are lots of things that can go up there, and need to come down from time to time. Holiday decorations, scuba gear, whatever. And my wife is so excited since it seems like she’s moving things up and down more than me. We expect the Versalift to make our lives so much easier for years to come.


DIY Garage Storage Lift

Here's a few pictures of our installation done by my son Kevin and myself.

The included instructions provided were very clear and well organized. We inventoried all parts and followed step by step.

It all went very smooth and we were finished in 6 hours.

I had already measured and pre-cut the floor hole.

It is a high quality product and is working well.

M.Ferris TX


Garage Attic Lift

The lift was installed on June 19,2018 in Haymarket, Va. We were completely satisfied with lots of lifting ahead, mostly done by the versa lift. We are looking forward to emptying the numerous boxes in the garage up into the garage attic using the new versa lift. And our vehicles residing in the garage instead of outside in the driveway.

We are Gary and Janet VA

Attic Lift in Attic Attic Lift in Garage Assembling

DIY Garage Storage Lift

I knew I wanted to take advantage of all the space above the three-car garage in our new home but didn’t know how I was going to get all our storage items up there.  The Model 24 VersaLift was the perfect solution!  I installed it in one afternoon and two days later all the boxes that had been stacked up in the third stall of our garage were neatly stacked in the attic.

 Note: The video was too large to send by email.  Link to the video:!AnkMg3-nMpdSjMEMNBTE_xTOxl1Ddw

 Sprague, GA

Attic View of VersaLift

Easy Install of Garage Storage Lift

We had our versa lift  installed by our contractor in a new house during construction.  It goes from the garage up stairs into a storage room over the garage.  The house is not completely finished yet and we have already used it to get some items upstairs.  Sure saved our backs and knees by not having to carry them up the stairway!

Snowden, TX

VersaLift in Garage Versalift between floors VersaLift Attic View In Wall Mounted Switch for VersaLift

"I love it"

I purchased a Versa Lift on January 4,2019, my son installed it for me, I love it I have now cleaned my attic and threw all of my old items out that I no longer need or want. I am telling all of my family and friends how nice it is to store items away and not break my back going up and down the stairs in my garage. 

Thank you so much,

Ruppert, TX

Sise by side attic stirs with Attic VersaLift

Easy to Follow Instructions

We have a walk-in attic above our garage where we store all our holiday decorations.  However, everything must be carried down the stairs or passed down through the attic access.

After seeing this on TV and spending way too much time talking about it, we placed our order.  We were able to handle all of the framing and electrical and had the opening ready to go once the lift arrived.   From the time we started until the first test lift was right at three hours!

The unit is well engineered and built, and the instructions were easy to follow.  We are impressed with the quality of the unit, and how easy it was to assemble and the way the unit is designed we were able to install it without help.

This one of the best purchases we’ve made and looking forward to putting it to good use.

J. and G. Roembke 

Attic Lift Hole VersaLift Attic Lift

Perfect for Garage Attic

We are pleased with our Versa Lift.  It is the best way to store items in
the garage attic.  It is safe and easy to use instead of carrying boxes and
suitcases in the attic while climbing the stairs.

Nickrand, FL

Ascending Attic Lift AtticLift

"Super high quality product"

I Just moved to a new house with eleven foot ceilings in the garage. VersaLift has been a life saver! Super high quality product and great customer service. Two of my friends ordered at the same time I did. We were able to install all three without hiring a contractor, and installing ourselves. Thanks VersaLift!

 J. Hall, Florida

Assembled VersaLift Platform VersaLift opening from Garage View Installed VersaLift head piece and legs in the attic Attic section of VersaLift ready to intalled Assembly of the VersaLift Platform Versalift and cables from attic VersaLift platform from attic view into the garage

"Thank you Versa Lift"

We just finished installing our Versa Lift, and already love it! We’re both in our 60s and decided we would hire a contractor to make and frame the hole in the attic floor. We knew we could handle putting it together and finishing the installation. To our surprise, the contractor went ahead and assembled about 90% of the Versa Lift for us! We finished the remainder 10%. It is going to come in so handy for us to use. We have a very large attic above out two car garage, and it was a lot of up and down the drop down ladder anytime we wanted to store something up there or bring something down. No more hesitating to set out the Christmas decorations because we knew it meant several trips up and down that ladder. Thank you Versa Lift!!!

Ray & Donna Pethel
Placerville, CA

"Instructions were easy to follow"

Here are my contractors installing in the storage space above the garage. It took them about 5 hours.  They commented that the instructions were easy to follow and the actual lift was very sturdy and well- planned.

Vicki and Irv Kohne
Centreville, MD


Easy DIY Garage Storage Lift

Settling into our new home we wondered how we could safely access the spacious storage area over the garage. Climbing up and down a ladder attempting to lug bins and boxes while keep my balance is not what we considered safe.

Searching the internet for a solution we discovered Versalift. So glad we did. The unit arrived in days. Since the unit comes with easy to follow step-by-step instructions with illustrated drawings, I decided to install it myself.

The installation was relatively easy, which I was able to accomplish in a matter of hours.

Now, the Versalift safely takes everything we need in or out of the attic. Without a doubt Versalift is the safest and most convenient way to maximize the storage area over our garage.

Versalift has our wholehearted endorsement for we are completely satisfied customers.

Gary & Sue Keisling
Yorktown, IN

attic lift with garage storage  in wall switch for versalift 24M upper ceiling panel for versalift 

"Lots of positive comments"

I ordered the larger Versalift 32W - wireless. I also got an extra remote - just in case. It was installed in my attached garage. I had the hole and new decking done by a builder, but I assembled and installed everything else myself. The "32" is a big lift. I almost didn't have enough room to fit it in. The pitch of my roof and the narrowness of my garage required that the lift be place just so. This thing is fairly expensive, but it's very well made and engineered. I have now also ordered your safety step railing to go with my new attic stairs to complete the project. Now onto the next step, which is to organize the attic... I have definitely added extra value to my house. I placed a short video of the lift in action on my Facebook page and have gotten a lot of positive comments from my friends.

Thank you

Dennis Mossner
Frankenmuth, MI

"It works GREAT!!"

Few words about the Versalift, it’s GREAT!!. Have a two story Garage used for storage, it was getting harder to haul tubs and things up and down the steps. Found the Versalift, installed it ourself’s and it works GREAT!!.

Jim Costello
Winter Garden, FL

attic lift in winter garden florida attic lift with green tub 

Good Value for Motorized Garage Storage Lift

This system is MORE than worth the money we spent

We recently moved into a new home that had lots of storage above the garage. But we had no way to get our items up there. I heard about the Versa Lift system from a friend. We went online and after reviewing the online data, we purchased a system. We knew that we needed to hire someone to install the system, which we did, because my husband and I can no longer do that kind of work. Our contractor took the installation instructions and reviewed them. He came out and installed the system, following the instructions, without difficulty. It was done in about 5 hours. The system was delivered with all the parts and instructions and without damage. The system works exactly as is advertised and it is a great system. We followed load instructions and we moved all the Christmas decorations that are in plastic storage bins (about 15 of them) to the attic without difficulty. I was in the garage and loaded the versa lift and sent it up to my husband in the attic, who unloaded the boxes and stored them. We are grateful we found this system. It is so much safer and so much easier than muscling the storage bins up a garage fold-up ladder. We absolutely love this Versa Lift system. We also added a rail system around the stairway opening in the attic. It is definitely a plus to have the additional safety feature. This system is MORE than worth the money we spent. Thanks.

Nederland, TX

 versarail attic ladder safety rail in garage attic lift and hot water tank ceiling cover for attic garage lift 

We had the versalift installed and it is the perfect solution.

We have a great storage loft in our garage accessible only by a fold down ladder. There was no way to get the heavy stuff up to the storage loft so our garage floor became the storage for the heavy stuff. We had the versalift installed and it is the perfect solution. So easy to use. Lifts large and heavy objects and now we can actually park our cars in the garage now. I had my contractor install it. He was pretty impressed with it as well. I've only had in for a month...but so far so good. Very well made and well thought out design for functionality.

Kansas City, KS

storage lift in garage garage door mechanism lift in down position

The VersaLift was the perfect solution to keeping my garage/shop neat and tidy. It was easy to assemble and install and simple to operate. An experienced DIY'er, it took me less than half a day to have it up and running. It is very sturdy and easily lifts a 200 pound load. In one afternoon, I completely cleared my garage of the countless items cluttering both bays and moved them to the storage space above. Before the VersaLift, both our vehicles had to be parked outside. With the VersaLift, it's easy to maintain plenty of room for both cars while equally easy to access anything I might need from the attic above.

Zirconia, NC

We purchased and installed a VersaLift attic storage lifting system in our garage several months ago. We have all our holiday decorations and some long-term storage items in the attic. Since we are retirement age, it was getting progressively more difficult to haul these items up and down the attic stairs. Now, it is so simple to put boxes of items on the VersaLift and press the button to have our decorations taken down to use for at least four holidays a year, then stored back in the attic until the next time they are needed. We no longer dread going to the attic to retrieve items or re-store them!

Martin Schultz
Glenview, IL


We recently purchased a versa lift and installed it in our garage. When we built the garage, we had it built with storage trusses so that we could use the upstairs space to store Christmas decorations, suit cases, and other items that we just did not need that often. After nearly falling from the pull-down stairway several times, we were having second thoughts about using our additional storage space. One day we saw an ad on television, checked it out on your website and purchased one. The installation instructions were laid out very well and easy to understand and follow. I was able to install the entire unit by myself in about 5 hours. As we had not installed our ceiling material the installation was that much easier. We used Velcro to attach the controller to the wall and have used the unit many times. Moving plastic storage bins, suit cases and other items between the two floors is a breeze. We highly recommend a Versa lift for anyone that has to use a pull-down stairway to move items to their upstairs storage space. It is much safer than climbing stairs while trying to carry large bulky items.

Dana Coburn


I just built a new garage in Blue Ridge, Georgia, where my wife and I retired in November. It has an oversized four car capacity. But the real advantage is that it has a full sized attic over the garage that will be used for my wife's extensive Christmas decorations and her materials she uses for crafts. I also will store parts and materials for my metalworking and woodworking projects. Being in our 60's, we were worried about carrying all the boxes that store that material up a flight of steps. So when I found out about the Versa Lift by searching the internet, we immediately ordered a standard model. I installed it myself in short order using the well written instructions. I've been using it to move boxes, some as heavy as 100 lbs., effortlessly up to the attic. Without the Versa Lift, this would have been nearly impossible task for us. Thanks a well built product that performs as advertised.

Lawrence Russell
Blue Ridge, GA


Just wanted you to know, we received our new Versa Lift in only three (3) days! That's some kind of record. We got it installed, with help from a neighbor, in about 6 hours. I wish we had known about this product a long time ago. Sure would have saved us a lit of "grief", not to mention our backs. We have a really nice storage over our garage, but just that little attic stairs to get anything up there, so the garage was full of heavy stuff, with barely room for the car. NOW the garage is cleaned out and our backs are intact! Way to Go Versa Lift!

Thanks, Kathy S.,
Sevierville, Tennessee


Thanks so much for selling me this Great tool for our garage. We installed it in just a couple of hours. We made a special steel frame (2′x10Tube steel) and attached it to the mezzanine. It picked up 300#. We are amazed. Thanks again for a great product.

Cliff B.
Sandy, UT