Residential and Commercial Attic Storage Lift Systems - Versa Lift –

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VersaLift Features
2 available models
  • Save on storage
  • Convenient
  • User friendly
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Safer than ladders
  • Saves your back
  • Out of sight when not in use
  • Two large models/4 heights

Three Types of Controls

  1. CORDED CONTROL - Has 15' corded control and switch
  2. WIRELESS REMOTE - Uses a Hand Controller like a garage door opener
  3. IN WALL SWITCH - 2 In Wall Switches, one Upstairs, one Downstairs (Low Voltage wiring)
  4. More Details...

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1. Wireless

By far our most popular unit, simply press and hold the remote while the lift goes up or down.

2. 15' Corded Remote

Most economical, just go up the ladder to retrieve the switch, then roll it up when done, or just leave in attic.

3. Wall-Mounted Switch

Two low voltage switches mounted upstairs and down with lockout key downstairs.

Two Sizes Available
attic lifts

Model 24

Lifting Cap: 15.3 Cu. Ft., 200 lbs./Load Platform ID: 20.75W x 44L x 39H Max Opening Req: 22.5 x46.5" 48" Tall

Model 32

Lifting Cap: 35 Cu. Ft., 250 lbs./Load Platform ID: 28.75W x 56L x 52.5H Max Opening Req: 30.5 x 58.5" 60" Tall

For correct height, measure from Attic Floor to Garage Floor

Note: There are 4 springs in the legs of the carrier that stretch and keep ceiling cover tight allowing lift to auto stop flush with the attic floor. It's Amazing...

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