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Versa Lift Attic Lift Reviews

Versa Lift Model 24 has a 15.3 cubic foot, 200 lb. lifting capacity. The lifting platform is 20-3/4" x 44". For all Specifications, Rough-In Guide, Installation Guide and Owners Manual click on "Manuals" on the menu bar above.

This is a 10 minute High Level overview of an actual install. Read the installation manual to understand the entire process, and feel free to call one of our engineers if you have questions.

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Customer Reviews

Although I utilize reviews for all major purchases, I prefer to read reviews of a product that has been in service for a reasonable amount of time and I just finished putting our Christmas decorations in the attic so now is the perfect time to get this review in.

 It has been 13 months since installing the unit myself in our new retirement ranch home. As a consumer what impressed me first was the customer service during the research stage almost 2 years ago.  I ended up having only a few questions but those were very professionally answered almost immediately via email.

 After ordering what got our attention was both the timely delivery and the unbelievable solid packaging.  This thing really could have been air dropped at my home without any damage!

 As a retired home renovator doing my own install I was very happy to get well thought out, comprehensive and detailed instructions with actual written words as well as pictures! For reference, those thinking about doing this yourself, it can be done with the supplied instructions by a talented homeowner with the proper but minimal tools. Thanks to all the info available on the website I had all the materials I needed on hand and as a retired professional was able to do the install in a 10 hour day by myself including the framing, electrical and final adjustments. Next one I could do in 8.

 What I just cannot express enough is the quality of every last little piece of this unit! The grade of the hardware, the gauge of the steel, the head unit and controls, heck even the paint rivals new car finishes…I kid you not, I have not seen and felt quality like this for many years.

So after lifting all the boxes from our initial move and now 2 cycles of all our seasonal decorations in and out of the attic with ease I am happy to say that everything still looks and works perfectly.  It will allow us to safely use our attic space to the max for many years with ease, I would not hesitate for a moment in recommending this lift!!!

Thank you Versa Lift,

Wyman NC

VersaLift Head and Legs installed in Attic Opening for VersaLift Installed VersaLift in the Attic with Christmas Decorations stored Christmas Decorations and VersaLift prior to storing them in attic

"Very complete and easy-to-follow instructions"

The installation went very smoothly and the system works “as advertised” ... great!  It has been extremely useful in getting a lot of things moved into the attic area of our new home (which does not have a basement for storage).  The two-man crew assigned by our contractor to do the install were very favorably impressed with the equipment and with the ease of installation, thanks to the very complete and easy-to-follow instructions.  This was the first VersaLift system they had installed, so it was a good test for the great installation instructions.  We purchased the model with the hand-held remote control and have found this configuration works very well with our installation.

K Waldrop, GA

Loaded VersaLift in the attic VersaLift opening from attic with the Head and Legs Empty attic lift en route

"Wish we had installed the VersaLift years ago"

We just had our VersaLift installed this week.  We also added flooring in the attic and repaired a hole where my wife stepped thru the attic sheet rock.   

What a difference it makes in lifting items to be stored in our attic.  We have a 10' ceiling and it was always a struggle to climb that ladder with boxes, bags and Christmas tree parts.  We put the VersaLift to a test today and were amazed at how this changed things.  Wish we had installed the VersaLift years ago.  I recommend the VersaLift to anyone who utilizes their attic to store treasures or just their stuff. 

 Attached are photos and a video of the VersaLift being used to lift items.  I also added a review in Google.

  J. Young AR

VersaLift Corded Switch with Key  Loaded VersaLift in Attic Loaded VersaLift in Garage

"Excellent customer service"

I recently purchased a two-story home in the Austin Tx area, with no possibility of adding a door from the second floor to create a access into the attic.  As I am now retired, I may stay in this residence for some years.  Because of my age (which isn’t going to get any younger!) I no longer feel comfortable climbing the ladder into the attic while carrying large or heavy objects.  

 The Versa Lift was the answer to this situation.   I still have to climb that ladder, but I can do it using my hands to hang on so there’s no falls.    I highly recommend the Versa Lift whatever your age.  I promise you the possibility of lost wages, pain and suffering from a fall make the purchase well worth the expense.

 The company has been great to work with, answering all questions with the contractor during installation and providing excellent customer service since.   You need one of these in your home!

Walker, TX

Descending VersaLift in hall VersaLift in attic with optional shutter door open

"Versa Lift design (is) of high quality and design"

My wife and I are very pleased with the lift.  The lift was well packaged and arrived in great condition and in a timely manner. 

 I installed it in our bonus room located over the garage to lift items to our second floor. 

 I am an engineer and I found the Versa Lift design to be of high quality and design. Would I buy again/recommend it, YES.  

 L. Sefton, TN

VersaLift in a finished attic Garage installed VersaLift

"It is very easy to put together"

“This is absolutely a great product.  Why did I wait so many years to purchase this attic lift?!  When you first see all the parts and fasteners you think this is going to be difficult to assemble;  but after sorting out the fasteners and reading the installation instructions, it is very easy to put together…..and they even provide extra fasteners!  The support service is also excellent and courteous.  I purchased the remote control version and needed some help in operating the unit.  When I called they connected me with the right person to solve my problem.  This unit works very smoothly and closes cleanly and neatly against the ceiling.    I would definitely recommend this product.”

Rusconi, OR

VersaLift in Action

"What an amazing product"

VersaLift is the greatest thing since sliced bread! What an amazing product. No more pushing and pulling stuff up a narrow attic pull down ladder. I can't believed I have lived all these years without VersaLift. My attic has taken on a  whole new attitude since it got a VersaLift not to mention a lot of new storage more storage locker for me...a little plywood and a VersaLift...and I have a very convenient storage locker on my attic!

Thank you VersaLift for making such a great product. I highly recommend it.

Oswald, FL

Attic Lift

"I can't say enough about Versa Lift"

I cant say enough about Versa Lift from start to finish the delivery came on time, and the design and workmanship in this product is second to none. Directions were easy to follow I actually read through them a couple of times also watched video on line. Complete project took 6 to 7 hrs. Still need to trim opening out and install corner guards.   I would recommend to anyone looking for a lift  in their attic or garage. It’s a real back saver now and more so as I get older. Also not to mention being the talk of the neighborhood.

Thanks for a great product 

Oganavich, IN

VersaLift in transit attic stairs in background garage view VersaLift in Attic

We are very pleased with how well it works. It is also making things much easier to access the attic, but you know that. 

 Also, I can move things to the attic that I could not using the attic ladder.


Loaded Attic Lift in the garage Loaded Attic Lift in the attic

"My only regret is that I didn't do this years ago"     

I'm 64 and in (very) good shape, but as the saying goes, not getting any younger.  I was motivated to find a lift (my first analogy was "dumb-waiter") because each Christmas I have to bring down at least 50 various sized boxes from the floored storage area above our 3-car garage.  In addition to Christmas items, there's numerous others of all different weights and dimensions kept up there and brought down/returned throughout the year.  Carrying loaded boxes/paraphernalia up and down a rickety garage ladder that extends almost 11 feet is definitely not safe and an accident waiting to happen.  Happen it did.  Though I was already exploring options in early October, my wife went up into the storage area to retrieve a few additional Halloween items (I'm the one who goes up there 24 of 25 times) and she fell on the way down (due to ladder) and broke her hip.  Extra motivation to find a safe solution. 

 I found Versa-Lift online.  After some research, it became clear that this was an ideal solution (in addition to replacing the ladder with a much safer version).  I hired a local, dependable contractor to do the installation as this is a task you don't want to take on yourself unless you are a professional and have 2 buddies to help. The lift is great and I couldn't be happier.   I can now load numerous items and raise them the 10+ feet into the storage area where I can then ascend a (new) ladder with both hands and safely put them away.   I have the version with a remote control and it operates smoothly and effectively.  My only regret is that I didn't do this years ago.       

 Bruce, OH

Christmas Decorations on VersaLift OH Loaded VersaLift Christmas OH

"Everyone thinks it’s the best thing since the portable phone"

Putting the finishing touches on my model 24 Versa Lift. I was so excited to get the lift up and running.

A few months back while sitting around the fire pit enjoying a few adult beverages with my wife, sister, sister’s boyfriend and myself, I announced I was installing an elevator into the attic. They laughed, thought it was one of my tall tales. Yeah right, an elevator that goes into the attic. 

So the next day,  I purchased the unit. The rest is history.  Everyone thinks it’s the best thing since the portable phone.  While it’s hard to verbally explain, and for some, to visualize. It’s definitely relieved all the pre holiday anxiety of bringing all the boxes up and down the narrow stairs. 

Since installing the lift, it’s motivated me to organize the attic. I’ve built shelves, added lights and have it nice and organized.  

Thanks for a great product.

Brinkman, FL

Loaded Attic Lift in Attic with view of open attic stairs on side FL  15 ft corded VersaLift model in the attic FL Attic Stairs and attic lift holes side by side garage view FL Attic Lift raised in the Attic FL

"My wife claims it is the best thing since sliced bread"

We just finished having the Versa Lift 24W installed ( Martin Construction of Park Forest Illinois). All questions about size of unit were promptly answered by customer service. Easy installation thanks to detailed instructions/ videos. This has been on my wife’s wish list. She insists we are not getting any younger and needed better and safer options to get in to the attic. The Versa Lift certainly makes it easy to store and retrieve our seasonal “stuff”. My wife claims it is the best thing since sliced bread. I say, “Happy wife, happy life.” We are both delighted with our purchase.

Rich and Beth Sullivan

lady with garage lift

"Very Pleased"

First, great product. Very pleased, and completed the job including reframing floor in two days.

Gerald Tucker
The Villages, FL

attic lift in up by ceiling  attic lift beside bicycles  attic lift in large garage

"This is my second Versa lift"

I just received and installed my new 24w wireless remote control Versa lift. This is my second Versa lift. I also had one installed in my previous home. This one I installed myself with a little help from one on my neighbors. The lift works perfectly and make those trips to the attic much safer!

Richard Willey
Naples, FL

attic lift beside golfball rack  attic lift with stuff on it

"We are Versa Lift supporters!"

We are Versa Lift supporters! We have one in our lake house and one in our home in Louisiana. I would not want an attic that has storage without a Versa Lift. We are in our 70s so moving Christmas, Easter, Mardi-gras, Spring, Summer and anything else my wife wants to keep up and down stairs is not as easy as in previous years. With Versa Lift, one goes up stairs in the attic while one stays down and in less than 30 minutes we can load 20+ tubs of whatever up to our storage in the attic. We recently had one of our remotes quit working. Steve Davidson worked with us on the telephone to help determine the problem and help us get an updated remote. The remote was quickly installed and we were back in business!

Gloria Tutt
Oscar, LA

attic lift in motion    attic lift near ceiling    garage lift in up position

“We are very pleased with the Versa Lift system"

The Versalift Model 24 is also available in a 36" high unit at no additional cost. Here is a picture of Mr. Porter with his new Model 24 36" high unit.

homeowner operating garage attic lift

“We are very pleased with the Versa Lift system, it has made getting things to store in the attic, much easier and convenient and very easy to operate”.

Don & Jean Porter
Oklahoma City, OK

We used our Versalift for the first time today and we love it!!  Saved our backs. We just know we will get many years of use out of this great product.

Happy New Year!
Jeanine Fillmann

"You are going to spoil me with (your) Customer Service"

Please share with your Management Team.

I'm concerned that you are going to spoil me with the kind of Customer Service I received from you on the issue of repair for Versa Lift unit.

Not only where you expedite in responding, you expressed genuine concern in assisting me in getting taken care of.

I received repair part today and that was also quicker than experienced by other vendors.

Thanks in giving me hope that not all is lost in the "Customer Service Profession"


Charlie Gill
Ovilla, TX

(Bought over 7 years ago and a simple switch fixed my issue)

"Versa Lift Attic Lift has made storage much easier and safer"

We are so happy to have our Versa Lift installed. We placed it next to our attic ladder, accessing the space above our garage. It runs very smoothly, and has made storage much easier and safer. We had a professional contractor install it while other work was being done at our house, and he plans to order one for himself. We would definitely recommend this product.

Please send extended warranty to:

Kelli Grate
Wichita, Kansas

end view of attic lift   aluminum ladder in garage   attic ladder in up position 

"The Versa Lift system is the answer to a genuine home safety issue"

My Wife is always right…..I should listen to her more!

My wife and I are retired Senior Citizens with attic storage space above the garage via a pull down ladder. Last January I came very close to falling down the ladder while pushing a storage tote full of Christmas decorations up the ladder. Luckily I was able to regain my balance but the tote crashed to the floor resulting in some of the decorations being destroyed. I was just glad that it wasn’t me that got busted up. My wife did some research online reading reviews on the Versa Lift system and insisted that we would order one and have it installed before the decorations came down again. I argued against spending the money but she would have no part of my argument, pointing out that the cost of the Versa Lift would seem cheap compared to a bad fall perhaps resulting in a trip to the hospital by ambulance with major injuries or broken bones. I knew she was right and with the Holidays only a few month away we ordered our Versa Lift and a handyman installed it today. The Versa Lift system is the answer to a genuine home safety issue I now call the “Treacherous Attic Storage Ladder”. Plus there was a bonus. The garage is now less cluttered. Due to the ease of using the Versa Lift we sent additional things being stored in the garage up to the attic. September 16, 2017.

John Fitzgerald
Georgetown, TX

attic lift with christmas gifts   attic lift raising gifts   attic lift in top down view   garage refrigerator and hot water heater 

"Again thanks so much for Versalift"

Again thanks so much for the Versalift as it has made full utilization of our storage a breeze as carrying loads up the stairway is burdensome, but not now

Charles McIntyre
Bristol, CT 06010

large empty attic   attic lift with generator 

"The Versa Lift is so completely awesome"

The Versa Lift is so completely awesome. We love it. Everyone who has seen it in action wants one. We moved recently and putting our things into the attic was a snap with the Versa Lift. Getting camping gear, Christmas boxes, Halloween décor and the like out of the attic used to be the dreaded task not it will be something to look forward to. Seriously now it’s not even a concern. As for the quality, it’s super solid even down to the hand held remote. There is heft to it, not just some cheap device.

Michael Hulme
Saratoga, CA

Thanks so much! We LOVE IT!

attic lift next to lawn mower

"This is a wonderful product!  Thank you for your assistance"

Al Schmidt
Bandon, Oregon

rough in opening in attic   attic construction with lift   mounted wall switch on post   attic lift in framed out garage 

"I can’t recall being this satisfied with a product ever!"

I just wanted to pass along how satisfied we are with our Versa Lift. It was easy to order and shipped very quickly. Once we had it installed I was sorry I had delayed in ordering one. Our attic access stairs are over 11’ high so carrying boxes up and down the stairs during the holidays was extremely dangerous, as well as physically exhausting with so many trips needed. It is so fast and easy now to bring decorations down from the attic and to put them away. I can’t recall being this satisfied with a product ever!

Thank you,

Krista Darie
San Antonio, Texas

attic lift going up into attic   attic lift with orange containers 

"Best Purchase I ever Made"

Some time ago I purchased a versa lift and only recently was able to install the unit.  I built a two story unattached garage with ample storage capacity on the second floor of the garage.  I had many storage tubs (containers) to get upstairs, and with bad knees and multiple hip replacements, I looked to Versa Lift for help.  It is not an exaggeration to say that it has been a "Godsend".  I found that, after purchase, that the ceiling truss required an extra foot between floors.  The Versa lift unit is made for a 2' space and I had a 3' space.  My handy man simply attached a 1' chain to the plate that fits flush with the ceiling.  It works perfectly.  This may have been the best purchase I have ever made. I live in Southwest Virginia and my builder installed the unit quickly with no problem. I can give anyone his name upon request.  Attached are some of the pictures taken.

Steven Johnston
Chilhowie, VA

downstairs view of stairwell going to attic   attic lift next to safety rail   man standing next to attic lift with tractor on it   cluttered garage 

Dillon Project

I am very happy with the Versalift System I purchased. The entire process from ordering, delivery and installation has been well thought out and provided me with a stress free experience. The lift is ideal for moving boxes and containers from ground floor storage to the attic in the garage. Family and friends that have seen the lift in operations are impressed with the ease of operation and lift capability. I will highly recommend this lift system to anyone!

birds eye view of attic lift   structure of attic framing
  single attic lift on floor


Before I retired, I worked for several years in the Quality Assurance group of a well known company. I would like to compliment you on the "OUTSTANDING" quality of your Versa Lift. The product packaging, outstanding! All of the hardware, outstanding! Paint finishes, outstanding! Overall design, ease of assembly and instructions, outstanding! I can't say enough good things about this product. This is one of the most fun projects I've ever undertaken. 2 days is all it took from delivery to being fully operational. The best part is, this Versa Lift will make life easier and safer for both my wife and I. I have already recommended the Versa Lift to family and friends and will do so forever.

Thanks again for such a wonderful quality product!

B. Bader
Hudson, WI

organized garage and attic hoist   attic elevator lift   attic elevator with tool box   attic lift going up into attic with stuff on it 


Magnificent! We installed the Versalift attic lift system two weeks ago and put it to good use right away (see two photos, attached). The unit worked flawlessly and helped move about 50 boxes, almost a dozen chairs, and miscellaneous other equipment out of our rented storage locker and into our newly constructed, insulated attic.

W. Schmidt
Davis, CA

ultimate attic lift with two clear containers   attic lift with antique chair

"This is the coolest product I own."

I'm sending you three pictures of the installation of my new Versalift system. I might add that this is the coolest product I own. Thanks again for all your help.

E. David
Memphis, TN

organized attic   man painter standing in attic   ladder under opening 

The quality of the workmanship is superb and it all went together easily.


I wanted to let you know that my VersaLift arrived early (Fri 11 Apr) and I completed installation the next day. It was definitely a two person job but all in all the installation process was relatively easy. The quality of the workmanship is superb and it all went together easily. I only had to make some adjustment to how I had it positioned in the opening for it to operate smoothly. Thanks again for the assistance. I've attached a couple of photos of the VersaLift after installation.


B. Callihan
Bend, OR

versalift 24 corded model in attic   close up view of versalift 24 standard

"I now look forward to moving “stuff” to my attic and back to my garage again."

I just got the Versa-Lift installed. I’ve purchased and put together many, many things in my 65 years. I have not ever encountered anything so well designed, precisely engineered, and impeccably operated as the Versa-Lift. Even the installation manual was professionally written and very easy to follow. This is one of the best purchases/investment I’ve ever made. I now look forward to moving “stuff” to my attic and back to my garage again.

T. Bullard
Toledo, OH

garage storage lift on floor of organized garage   garage refrigerator and shelving   garage cabinets in red color   garage attic lift   attic view of homeowner items   rafter structures in attic

You saved our storage area, my wife's back, and...

Dear Steve,

We have attached two photos and one video. The 1st photo shows the containers of Christmas stuff that we needed to move to the garage attic.

When we moved to South Carolina ten years ago, we sold most of our furniture, but still managed to pack a 26 foot truck with primarily Christmas and seasonal decorations. Since that time we have continued to add to our decorative collectibles. All of this had been stored in a garage storage area that only by some miracle kept from collapsing from the weight of our decorative items. Through my wife's sister we became familiar with the "Versa Lift". It was truly a must have purchase. My wife was no longer able to carry those fifty pound storage containers up the pull down ladder to the finished attic over our garage, despite the encouragement that I provided.

After Christmas this year we ordered the Versa Lift and with the professional installation of a local contractor, we have now moved all of our decorations to the over 400 sq foot storage area above our garage. Now I can buy the Christmas palm tree that I have wanted for so long. Thank you Versa Lift. You saved our storage area, my wife's back, and created more opportunities for future holiday decorations.

J. & M. Montgomery
South Carolina

various storage containers in garage   a green and red container on lift 

This is the perfect answer to moving boxes

Hello Steve,

Well,here are the photos of our newly installed Versa Lift.This is the perfect answer to moving boxes and seldom used items from the garage to our loft. We are so glad we found you and highly endorse theVersaLift!


Ann and Dwayne
Montgomery, AL

new sheet rock installation   end view of attic lift with box   garage upper storage unit   serial number tag for versalift

It is fabulous!


Hello. This is David. My versalift was installed yesterday. It is fabulous! I have attached a photo and 2 videos (one video of the versalift going up, and one video of it going down).

Thank you,

David Brumm
Nashville, TN

attic lift with multiple containers

"It works flawlessly"

I'm writing to tell you how pleased we are with our new Versalift. We have been using it for almost two months now and it works flawlessly. We created a new storage area above our garage. Without the Versalift, it would be difficult and dangerous to store items such as our Christmas tree and even the large shop vac. I love the design and how it has a nice, flush look from down below in the garage yet the platform is level with floor up in the storage area. I've also found the support folks at Versalift Systems to be friendly and helpful. Thanks for such a great product!!

Best regards,

Peter B.
Berkley, CA


"Every home using attic storage should have this installed"

I love Christmas! But it takes lots of up and down stairs to handle 25+ totes and yard art. I started researching for a lift and was astounded at how expensive it would be to install in my garage. My Internet search found Versa-lift and contacted their home office. We purchased the lift and rail with the wireless remote. This unit works just as advertised and I show it to guests as I am a believer that every home using attic storage should have this installed. We are building a new home and have a Versa-lift in the plans.

Centruy, FL


Don’t lift with your back, lift with your Versalift!

We have a two story library and the only way to get to the second story is using a very narrow spiral staircase. We looked at other options to get the many books we had to the second level but none suited our needs or fit in the space we had to use. Then came Versalift! The ability to have such a wonderful system installed in such a confining space has saved my husband’s back from hauling all those books upstairs. Now, we use it almost weekly moving other items to and from the attic. I don’t know how we ever lived without one.

Thanks for such a wonderful product.

Century, FL


"I had a ball installing it, my expectations were exceeded"

The VersaLift Lift System is one of those unique products that has everything going for it. It fills a void many homeowners want and need, and at an accessible price. All the piece parts are top shelf and well manufactured, instructions are simple but at the same time comprehensive. Tech/Product support should it be required is very accessible, you'll find the ever pleasant Steve Davidson at VersaLift has an answer for any and all assembly problems you might encounter, you should expect few if any. Mine is in, I had a ball installing it, my expectations were exceeded…and not without importance, my wife is thrilled with it. This is a product that delivers what is advertised, not something to take lightly these days.



"Every house should have one"

Dear Versalift,

I'm very pleased with the system, including the ladder safety frame in the attic. It's a great system. Every house should have one. All the neighbors are jealous, including some of the wives. As you can see in some of the slides, I've enclosed three sides of the lift with 1/4 inch plywood to insure that nothing extends beyond the edge of the lift frame, thereby preventing anything from getting stuck in the ceiling opening. I built a loading ramp that snugs up to the rear of the lift, with the back enclosure removed, in order to roll a heavy chair dolly on and off the lift when it's on the garage floor level, as there is about an inch and a half differential between the lift floor and the garage floor. I did have a problem with the upper limit switch button getting stuck in it's housing once the lift reached the attic level. Even after the lift was lowered, it was prevented from rising again as the limit switch button failed to snap out of it's housing. William faxed me a schematic of the motor and with his great assistance, and some white lithium grease on a Q-tip, I was able to fix the problem! I couldn't decide which three photos to send so I'm sending all seven of them.


Fair Oaks, CA


My only question is, “Why did I wait so long to buy this great product?” !!

R. Avery
Westfield, MA