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AtticLift Reviews & Customer Installation

Welcome to our VersaLift Attic Storage Lifting System Reviews page, where we proudly highlight and showcase the outstanding feedback from our valued customers. Prepare to be inspired by the multitude of glowing reviews from individuals who have installed our innovative attic storage lifting systems. Immerse yourself in the genuine testimonials and witness the resounding satisfaction expressed by our customers. From seamless installation experiences to the durable and efficient performance of our Versa Lift systems, homeowners have discovered a new level of convenience and functionality for their attic storage needs.  At VersaLift Systems, our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction shines through these remarkable reviews. We are dedicated to providing exceptional products that bring value and ease to our customers’ lives.  Join the community of delighted customers who have experienced the transformative power of our Versa Lift Attic Storage Lifting Systems. Explore our Reviews page today and see how we can elevate your attic storage experience.Versa Lift Model 24 has a 15.3 cubic foot, 200 lb. lifting capacity. The lifting platform is 20-3/4" x 44". For all Specifications, Rough-In Guide, Installation Guide and Owners Manual click on "Manuals" on the menu bar below.

This is a 10 minute High Level overview of an actual install. Read the installation manual to understand the entire process, and feel free to call one of our engineers if you have questions.

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"This is my second Versa lift"

I just received and installed my new 24w wireless remote control Versa lift. This is my second Versa lift. I also had one installed in my previous home. This one I installed myself with a little help from one on my neighbors. The lift works perfectly and make those trips to the attic much safer!

Richard Willey
Naples, FL

"What an amazing product"

VersaLift is the greatest thing since sliced bread! What an amazing product. No more pushing and pulling stuff up a narrow attic pull down ladder. I can't believed I have lived all these years without VersaLift. My attic has taken on a  whole new attitude since it got a VersaLift not to mention a lot of new storage more storage locker for me...a little plywood and a VersaLift...and I have a very convenient storage locker on my attic!

Thank you VersaLift for making such a great product. I highly recommend it.

Oswald, FL

Customer Reviews

Versalift Review

Although I utilize reviews for all major purchases, I prefer to read reviews of a product that has been in service for a reasonable amount of time and I just finished putting our Christmas decorations in the attic so now is the perfect time to get this review in.

 It has been 13 months since installing the unit myself in our new retirement ranch home. As a consumer what impressed me first was the customer service during the research stage almost 2 years ago.  I ended up having only a few questions but those were very professionally answered almost immediately via email.

 After ordering what got our attention was both the timely delivery and the unbelievable solid packaging.  This thing really could have been air dropped at my home without any damage!

 As a retired home renovator doing my own install I was very happy to get well thought out, comprehensive and detailed instructions with actual written words as well as pictures! For reference, those thinking about doing this yourself, it can be done with the supplied instructions by a talented homeowner with the proper but minimal tools. Thanks to all the info available on the website I had all the materials I needed on hand and as a retired professional was able to do the install in a 10 hour day by myself including the framing, electrical and final adjustments. Next one I could do in 8.

 What I just cannot express enough is the quality of every last little piece of this unit! The grade of the hardware, the gauge of the steel, the head unit and controls, heck even the paint rivals new car finishes…I kid you not, I have not seen and felt quality like this for many years.

So after lifting all the boxes from our initial move and now 2 cycles of all our seasonal decorations in and out of the attic with ease I am happy to say that everything still looks and works perfectly.  It will allow us to safely use our attic space to the max for many years with ease, I would not hesitate for a moment in recommending this lift!!!

Thank you Versa Lift,

Wyman NC

"Very complete and easy-to-follow instructions"

The installation went very smoothly and the system works “as advertised” ... great!  It has been extremely useful in getting a lot of things moved into the attic area of our new home (which does not have a basement for storage).  The two-man crew assigned by our contractor to do the install were very favorably impressed with the equipment and with the ease of installation, thanks to the very complete and easy-to-follow instructions.  This was the first VersaLift system they had installed, so it was a good test for the great installation instructions.  We purchased the model with the hand-held remote control and have found this configuration works very well with our installation.

K Waldrop, GA

"Wish we had installed the VersaLift years ago"

We just had our VersaLift installed this week.  We also added flooring in the attic and repaired a hole where my wife stepped thru the attic sheet rock.   

What a difference it makes in lifting items to be stored in our attic.  We have a 10' ceiling and it was always a struggle to climb that ladder with boxes, bags and Christmas tree parts.  We put the VersaLift to a test today and were amazed at how this changed things.  Wish we had installed the VersaLift years ago.  I recommend the VersaLift to anyone who utilizes their attic to store treasures or just their stuff. 

 Attached are photos and a video of the VersaLift being used to lift items.  I also added a review in Google.

  J. Young AR

"Excellent customer service"

I recently purchased a two-story home in the Austin Tx area, with no possibility of adding a door from the second floor to create a access into the attic.  As I am now retired, I may stay in this residence for some years.  Because of my age (which isn’t going to get any younger!) I no longer feel comfortable climbing the ladder into the attic while carrying large or heavy objects.  

 The Versa Lift was the answer to this situation.   I still have to climb that ladder, but I can do it using my hands to hang on so there’s no falls.    I highly recommend the Versa Lift whatever your age.  I promise you the possibility of lost wages, pain and suffering from a fall make the purchase well worth the expense.

 The company has been great to work with, answering all questions with the contractor during installation and providing excellent customer service since.   You need one of these in your home!

Walker, TX

"Versa Lift design (is) of high quality and design"

My wife and I are very pleased with the lift.  The lift was well packaged and arrived in great condition and in a timely manner. 

 I installed it in our bonus room located over the garage to lift items to our second floor. 

 I am an engineer and I found the Versa Lift design to be of high quality and design. Would I buy again/recommend it, YES.  

 L. Sefton, TN


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