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The VersaLift Story

Drive through any neighborhood on a Saturday when homeowners have their garages doors up (this is a serious security issue) and you’ll see that garage clutter is a common problem.  The reason is simple:  Homes are not built with enough utility storage space! Generally, interior storage space is well thought out and provisions are made for storage, for example, closets for clothing, pantries for food, cabinets for dishes, linen, etc.  However, when it comes to utility storage for your home you get a one, two, or three-car garage: It’s an empty box and, unfortunately, you’re on your own to find a way to organize all of the stuff you need to put in there and still end up with space to park your cars.

Gaining Access to Attic Storage Space Just Got Easier with Versa Lift Attic Lifts!

You can add some cabinets in your garage and they are definitely helpful for storing and organizing small items. However, there are just too many bulky things that won’t fit into cabinets such as: ice chests, canister shop-vacs, luggage, camping gear, fishing tackle, auto ramps, jacks, fertilizer spreader, pump sprayer, shovels, buckets, hose reels, pressure washer, carpet shampooer, gardening tools, boxes of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations the list goes on!

You can resort to shelves, hooks and wire ceiling racks that let you stack it, rack it, or hang it from the ceiling, but your garage will still look and feel cluttered! Because let’s face it, you still have to look at it all, even if it is hanging on the walls or from the ceiling. And, utility items don’t really qualify as decorative wall hangings. Furthermore, standing on a ladder each time you need to retrieve something you stored in a ceiling rack is nobody’s idea of convenience, not to mention the fact it is very dangerous and can lead to an accidental fall and serious injury!

Attic Lifts Are The Ultimate Storage Solution

The ultimate solution to garage clutter: just make it disappear like magic when you’re not using it and get it back in seconds when you need it!

How? You can develop your home’s hidden asset (the attic storage space) by installing a Versa Lift push-button attic lift systems from us.

Most homes have usable attic storage space, but it is typically either undeveloped, or at least, under-developed. Your attic may be poorly lighted, might not have decking (flooring) over the ceiling joists and, typically, the only way to put things up there is to carry them up the narrow ladder not only difficult, but also very dangerous.

But don’t despair! Now you can convert your attic into the ultimate storage solution.  Just add some lights, plywood decking, and a Versa Lift and your attic can become a huge hidden storage area with push-button access to store and retrieve garage clutter items in seconds!

Versa Lift. It’s Like Storage Magic: Now you see it; now you don’t!

The Versa Lift is a powerful electric attic lift that eliminates the need to risk serious injury by trying to get storage items up a narrow, shaky ladder.  The push-button remote control sends down the lifting platform hidden inside the attic. The lifting platform stops instantly when it reaches the floor below. Next, you load the platform with up to 200 lbs. of storage items and press the up button on the hand-held remote control. In just seconds the load is transported into the attic and out of sight! Upstairs the lifting platform automatically stops flush with the attic floor so you can simply slide storage boxes off the platform without lifting them, a unique Versa Lift feature.

Another unique feature is the self-closing ceiling door attached to the lifting platform. When the platform is raised, the ceiling door is held tightly against the ceiling opening. The ceiling door can be insulated and sealed for use in a climate-controlled area. When not in use, the Versa Lift and lifting platform is hidden within the attic.  All you see is the neat ceiling door overhead!

The lift operation is controlled by either a corded remote control or a wireless remote, similar to a garage door opener. Corded models feature a 15-foot cord and a key-locking main switch to prevent unauthorized use.  Wireless models feature a radio remote for maximum mobility that can be stored securely out-of-reach wherever you choose.

With a Versa Lift you will re-think the way you organize. Once reserved for long-term storage, your attic space will now be instantly accessible at your command.  This means virtually anything you’re not using daily can be stored out of sight (and out of your way) until it is needed. When you need an item, the Versa Lift will make it appear in seconds: Just slide it onto the platform and send it down! Why step over these items 95% of the time or hang them on your walls and ceiling? Your garage will only look and feel truly organized when all the clutter is stored out of sight.

Bulky occasional use items such as ice chests, luggage, pressure washer, shop vacuum, camping gear, sports equipment, jack stands, ramps, air tanks, creepers, dollies, and tires, to name a few, can be sent up out of sight and retrieved in seconds when needed.

In the fall, your gardening tools, hoses, sprayers, planter pots, fertilizer spreaders, patio cushions and more can store away until next spring.

Seasonal clothing, records, books, yard art, hobby and craft supplies, holiday decorations, Christmas lights, ornaments, yard art, and endless other items can now be stored and retrieved with ease.  The Versa Lift adds both safety and convenience to the annual task of bringing down the seasonal decorations… and putting them away after the holidays.  You won’t be tempted to put off these tasks when they can be done without straining to lift boxes up or down a narrow ladder. Instead, just put them on the lift platform and press the button on the remote control. Then watch as heavy, bulky items disappear into your attic!

In addition to storage boxes and plastic bins, here are a few of the items you can make disappear like magic and get back just as fast!

Bonus Benefits for Homeowners in Flood Zones

If you are one of millions of Americans that live in flood prone areas, you probably know that when the flood waters rise, the first thing you want to do is move your valuable possessions, especially the irreplaceable ones like family photo albums, titles, certificates, policies and tax records as high as possible. This is because the first place to get wet is the ground floor. It follows that the last place to get inundated by a flood will be the attic, the highest room in your home!  Having a Versa Lift makes this task both quicker and easier to do in an emergency.

Here is a good flood plan to follow: First, set aside one or two empty plastic storage containers and designate them for the emergency storage of irreplaceable family possessions and documents. Then compile an inventory list of everything you will want to put in the containers in an emergency, including each item’s description and location (so you can find it all in a hurry). Tape copies of the inventory list onto the lids of the containers so you won’t have to look for the list in a panic. Inform all family members of the plan and where the containers will be kept (such as in the attic). The best time to implement your plan is at the first threat of a flood. Don’t wait till the last minute or you may lack the time and/or electricity to carry out your plan. Fill your emergency storage containers and move them to the highest place in your attic. Later, if you have to evacuate, you will already have these important items gathered and ready to take with you, if there is time to do so. If circumstances do not allow you to take these things with you, they are already in the safest location in your home high up in the attic space!

Labor Saving Lift for Split-Levels and Elevated Homes

In addition to attic installations, the Versa Lift is an ideal solution for split-levels, elevated coastal homes, and basements. Whenever the living level of the home is above or below the entry level, homeowners are faced with the never-ending task of carrying everything up or down stairs. Items such as groceries, laundry, dry cleaning, and other household supplies all have to be toted to or from the garage/entry level of the home to the living quarters that is, unless a utility lift is installed in the home.

While dumbwaiters are useful in multi-story dwellings, the VersaLift system can be used to advantage when service is required between only two levels and it provides a larger payload capacity at a lower cost.

*The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission reports: Each year there are over 164,000 emergency room-treated injuries in the U.S. relating to ladders. Undoubtedly, there are many injuries that do not require emergency treatment, and therefore go unreported.

Versa Lift History: How the Versa Lift was developed

The Byers Brothers (Tom, Richard, and Art) have a long history of inventing and developing products, then bringing them to market.

After selling the Christmas products business, Richard built a home in Colorado.  A few years later he decided to move back to Oklahoma to help start a new business based on some patents that were pending. Richard sold his home and all the furnishings with it, but he had a garage full of tools and two storage units containing lifetime accumulations of things like classic car parts and his wife’s pottery-making equipment and supplies.

It took a huge U-Haul truck and large trailer to move it all back to Oklahoma City.  His new home had a 3-car garage, but no way would everything fit in there. But, his attic had a decked storage area accessible by the classic steep folding ladder. So, he started hauling boxes up that ladder to store them in the attic. Heavy boxes are hard enough to carry around, but trying to scale a ladder with a heavy box and no hands free is almost downright suicidal!  So discussion started about how there had to be a better way to get things into and out of the attic.

We had each wrestled with this problem many times before when holiday decorations had to come down from my attic in the fall and go back up again after New Year’s Day.  We agreed it was no fun dragging things up and down the attic ladder.

The next day Tom came up with the nugget of an idea that eventually was refined into the Versa Lift. That’s the 10% inspiration part of the story. The rest of the story is the 90% perspiration part.

After considerable teamwork, the first basic prototype lift was built and tested in Richard’s attic. We discovered the product needed a few refinements to make it foolproof, but we could see that the Versa Lift was a really great product idea! So we redesigned it to add features that would make the lifting platform stop automatically when it reached the garage floor (without this feature, if you didn’t let off the switch the second the platform reached the floor, then the cables would continue to spool out and get tangled in the lifting mechanism.)  After this and a few other refinements, we knew this product was a winner.

All that was left to do was: file for patents, borrow money, set up production, do photography, make video, design and print brochures and instruction manuals, then travel around the country making trade shows and showing off the product. Admittedly, these are daunting tasks, but nothing we hadn’t done many times before in our previous business adventures.  So, we rolled up our sleeves and here we are today building and selling a great product in a great country to great people who love our product and make all our hard work worthwhile!

Finally, we get to the best part: Thanks to all our great customers!

Comments from Versa Lift Owners:

They installed my attic lift last week.   I am very pleased with their work and staff.   The Versa Lift has given me the ability to utilize the attic space.   Not only is it like having a new storage room, but this allows for more free space in the garage.   I love my new toy!   I appreciate your help.

Susan Cashon

Richard:   Just as an FYI we had Paul install the Versa Lift and Versa Rail.   We love the product and feel that it’s one of the best investments we’ve made.   I have shared the information with several friends here at work as well as my brother-in-law and nephew who are homebuilders.   And I believe that one of my friends has already made arrangements to have the Versa Lift installed in his new home.   Just wanted you to know that I think you have a great product.

Dee Jerome

Attached is a picture of the Versa Lift we installed in our Parade Home in Lubbock, Texas. We had lots of positive comments on the convenience of the lift.  The buyers commented that the lift is one of the things that attracted them to the home due to the ease of access to the attic storage space.

–  Elaine Salyer


I have just finished the installation of a Model 24 Versa Lift. I had no problems and I wanted to comment on the packing and shipping of your product. I was totally impressed with the care and protection of all of the parts and pieces during the preparation for shipping. Even though there were scuffs on the package, the unit wass re-packaged inside and did not have a mark or scratch. It was so well secured in the package that I was not able to retain the box for warranty purposes as the directions stated. Speaking of directions, they were clear and easy to read and follow.   It is an extremely well engineered and well-built product that you should be proud of each time one leaves your plant. I was impressed!

Laurice (Larry) Bennett

We have hundreds of other testimonies like this, won’t you join us?

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  • Easier and safer than ladders
  • Out of sight when not in use
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