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Optimizing your attic storage

Getting The Most Out of Your Attic Space

No matter how spacious or crammed our house is, we always feel short of space in our house. We have a long list of things that we want to do with our house like creating a small playing area of the children, but then the first question that haunts us is ‘How to do away with this stuff in order to make a little bit of more space?’ In our ever-present quest for more space, we tend to ignore the potential that our small attics hold even when we know that there is lots of stuff that needs not to be handy and can be stored away for a while.

The space available in the attic storage can become a great relief if some good amount of careful planning goes into the process. By following these simple commonsensical steps, your old age dream of freeing up some space can actually become a reality without putting in any extra effort or spending big bucks.


* In order to optimize the space available in the attic storage, it is of great use to take an account of how much space exactly is available up there. Careful measurement of the area of the attic floor as well as the height gives us the exact area that we have to put away our stuff. The next step is to take account of the stuff that is not required on daily basis and stashing it up in the attic storage won’t make a difference. When these two assessments are done, we are now all set to start putting away the spare things and making some extra space in the house.

* Instead of simply putting the things in the attic, it is a great idea to arrange fairly large cardboard boxes that can hold your stuff. Use of these containers will ensure that not a single inch of the attic’s space will be wasted. Because oddly shaped things waste space, the uniform-shaped can be easily arranged in neat stacks saving us space as well as preventing most of the breakage.

* Put all the related things in a single box because you don’t want to open 3 boxes just to fish out your camping gear, which you need once in a year! Also, do not forget to label the boxes to avoid the pain of opening each box and finding out that this was not the one you wanted.

* While categorizing your storage boxes, stay conscious about the frequency of use of the items that go into the boxes. Put the things together that you might need once or twice a year and combine the stuff which you know will stay in the attic for years to come.

By being aware of these simple suggestions, you can create some extra space in your home by using your attic to its maximum capacity and at the same time, you have the peace of mind that all the stuff stored up there is safe and easily accessible.

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