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Is Your Attic Storage Space Protected and Waterproof?

Have You Inspected Your Home Lately?

An attic is free sailing in most homes in the United States. The great part about attic spaces is they can serve as storage space with a little retrofitting. This is a great opportunity to declutter your home by storing some of your valuables in the attic. However, attic areas can harbor some potential issues if a water leak happens. Water damage can be dangerous for most of your greatest possessions. This is why waterproofing your valuables is extremely important for longevity and damage.

Apart from possible water damage, you'll typically find storage rooms are liable to damage from extreme temperature changes, humidity, and pests. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your belongings stored in the attic storage space to prevent premature damage.

What Purpose Do Attics Serve? 

how to store things in your attic

Attics serve different purposes, including controlling the temperature in your house by delivering a considerable mass of warmly moving air. This happens because of the insulated floors that keep your home cool during summer and warm during cold months. Besides, they serve as storage space for various gadgets and valuables. 

However, the hot air rising from the lower floors of your house is usually retained in the attic space, which means the storage purpose can compromise the environment. Fortunately, nowadays, attics are insulated to minimize heating costs and equipped with exhaust fans. 

How to Protect Your Attic From Water and Moisture? 

While some people transform their attics into additional rooms or storage space the attic presents a potential threat considering its located directly underneath the roof. That means it is among the first areas in your home to experience roof-related water leaks such as water damage. In fact, most instances of water damage in your attic are brought on by roof leakage. Knowing this, it's advisable to take early precautions to avoid damage to your belongings and secondary damage to your home.

Keep You Roof Maintained

By maintaining your roof, you can keep it from leaking. Trimming the trees near the roof to prevent the limbs from falling on your roof during a storm and breaking the rooftop. You can also regularly remove dirt and debris from the roof, clean the gutters, and ensure proper water flow so there are no build-ups. Lastly, hire an expert to inspect your roof every few years and give it a professional touch if needed. 

Ventilate Your Attic

Adequate attic ventilation can increase your roof's lifespan, preventing mold growth and balancing the home's temperature. Without proper ventilation, moisture will likely build up, ruin the insulation, and damage the structural elements. Including your valuables stored in the attic.

PRO-TIP: You can increase ventilation in the attic by making certain that all vents are free from obstructions. Examine the gable-mounted vents, ridge, and soffit. Exhaust fans set up on timers can also increase the ventilation in the attic in case the regular vents aren't working to move the air.

Regularly Maintain The Attic Appliances 

The equipment stored in the attic helps to free up space in your home. However, In some homes, the HVAC systems are built into the attic space rather than in the basement or outside exposed to the elements. Placing them in the attic can help the longevity of the units but can drip water if they malfunction, leading to the deterioration of your attic's structural integrity. It makes sense to fix any potential issues before anything happens to your attic space. 

How To Waterproof Your Storage Items

Waterproofing attic space is essential to preventing water damage. This involves examining and repairing leaks and covering holes where water may penetrate before causing extensive damage. Alternatively, you can opt for waterproof attic storage containers to keep large and bulky items free from moisture. A good waterproof attic storage container should be built to last and withstand maximum ill-use. 

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What is The Best Way to Store Items in The Attic So They Don't Get Damaged? 

The best way to store your belongings in the attic is to place them in waterproof attic storage containers. The containers should be airtight and made from plastics. Storing your items in these containers can preserve your stuff since attics become dusty with time and experience hostile temperatures. Attics also harbor rodents and bugs which can also wreak havoc to your precious heirlooms.

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