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Best Garage Lifts For Storage

Looking for a Lift to Store Your Stuff in the Garage?

For those of us who really need some help with organization, a Versalift garage lift is absolutely one of the first steps. Of course, it is also just the first step. If you are anything like me, you look around every now and then and become a little overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” that needs to be dealt with. “Stuff” has a way of magically multiplying when you’re not looking, and what once was a reasonable pile can turn into an unreasonable mess seemingly overnight. When this happens, you know you need a different solution.

Versalift attic lift with ice chests and duffle bag

Throwing away certain items is definitely one of the possible solutions. Donation boxes are forever leaving my home, and yet the unreasonable mess still magically multiplies. When I pack up one box I believe someone sneaks in and dumps two more in the same spot. So, I started thinking that the Versalift garage lift might be the solution. The biggest positive point is how easy it is to use, which means that I will actually do it. It is possible that this entire system was developed just for people like us, and that the big payoff will be when my mother-in-law comes for a visit. She will be so impressed with the difference in organization she may suspect something other worldly has happened.

Install Your Own Garage Storage Lift

Using a Versalift garage lift requires little more than a trip out to the garage, which also used to be filled with a lot of general stuff that I needed to store. I bring the lift down, place whatever it is I need to store on it, and send it back up on its way to the attic. By the time it reaches its final destination, I am already there and waiting. Then, I place the items where I think they belong.

I took the time to ensure that my attic didn’t turn into what my garage used to look like. Masking tape on the floor was helpful, although you might like something a little more appealing if you need to section off areas. Labels like “holiday goodies” and “summer pool” have helped me to get all of the various items in the right places. When it is time to bring the items down and store other things, I can either put the items I am switching out in the space set aside for the things I am bringing down or I can just adjust the labels. It helps to improve overall organization as well as forces me to consider where I am putting something and whether that’s the most appropriate place for it.

The Versalift attic storage system creates an easy way to cope with organizational dysfunction. When I notice that I am suffering from organizational dysfunction, the first thing I do is ask myself what can be taken up to the attic and stored, if even only for a little while. It helps me tremendously. Family and friends who have visited since are thoroughly impressed with my new found abilities to get everything under control.

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