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Decorating The Home For The Holidays

Holiday Decorating Equals Fun!

Holidays are presumably the most delightful time of the year and can change the dynamic of your home quickly. Whether you host holiday parties or decorate as part of a tradition, it can be a heavy task to search for decorations that complement your home. Holiday decorating ideas are endless now with the help of Pinterest, Google, and social media sharing everyone's idea of festive. If you are a festive individual, you’ll relate to the fact decorations are not cheap. Over the years, families will tend to build up their stockpile of seasonal decor for their homes.

Bringing Family Together For The Holidays

decorating family for halloween, home decorations and storing decorations

Holiday decorations are vital since they can make you feel happier and a great opportunity to detail clean the house as you put up seasonal items. Decorations also give you a sense of fulfillment over your surroundings and can share moments with family if you decorate together. So if you fancy being in the holiday spirit, here are a few ways to decorate your home for the holidays and ideas.


Costal Holiday Decoration Ideas

Rustic Eglish Christmas Decor

Farmhouse Thanksgiving Decorations

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How to Store Holidays Decorations 

Storing holiday decor is always ideal since many families will have heirloom items usually brought out at Christmas time but also other supplies that can be reused. Since decorations can be costly, most wouldn't want to spend money every year to buy decorations just to throw them away after the holiday passes. Instead, we store it – pack them up in boxes and tuck them away until next year. 

Sorting decor after holiday-related events can help organize your living room. You can store your holiday accessories in premium boxes available in online stores. Get your decorations stored orderly by using the following creative ideas. 

String Lights 

You can design your own storage panels for keeping string lights free of tangles by making a cut on either side of the cardboard, inserting the plug on one end, running the lights around the middle, and sealing the end in the other slot. I recommend using a larger box to create enough space for other tangle-prone decorations.  

Wreaths and Garlands 

Place your fake wreath or gland into a durable garbage bag and hang it on your garage wall, attic storage space, or basement. This approach guarantees that your storage decorations won't break, and you will save money by not buying a new one. This also keeps the fake bristles from bunching up making it faster to pull the wreaths out of the bag for quick decor.


Use the shipping boxes to keep tree ornaments for future use. You can store fragile material and ceramic pieces in reused packaging materials. Another great option is to reuse egg cartons to store the smaller ornaments and empty bulb boxes for the bigger ones. 

Thanksgiving & Halloween 

We haven't forgotten about these other two holidays many love to get their homes dressed up. Spooky Halloween costumes to grandma's china dishes for Thanksgiving also need a safe place to be stored in the off-season. Labeling containers with the holiday will cut your time digging through boxes, so find a sharpie or label maker. Pack your breakables with bubble wrap in hard containers or boxes to ensure they are safe. 

Where to Store Holiday Decorations? 

Since most holiday decorating gadgets are fragile, you must put them in a safe place to avoid breaking. One of the best places to preserve your decorations is in the attic or garage. Many homes have attics although not all attics are equipped to use for storage. Make sure it has adequate support before moving boxes up into your attic. 

The other recommended storage area is the garage. Consider buying climate control containers before storing your decorations in the garage. Making sure your bins are sealed can help maintain the sentimental value of your decorations from moisture and damage. 

Senior Parents Decoration 

Decorating at home with grandparents, decorations easy for seniors

Getting together for the holidays can mean many things to different families. For us, it means visiting our parents that have collected years, if not decades, of holiday decor. Parents of older kids still enjoy decorating around the holidays and that means digging out Christmas boxes from their garage or attic. They must adapt to the limitations associated with aging, and your presence can aid a lot. Independent living can give a sense of empowerment, but its ok to ask for a little help.

Want Help Getting Things To and From The Attic? Versalift is your new favorite home addition

You can decorate the home to make your aging parents happier. Here are valuable decoration tips for senior Parents. 

Good lights 

Lights promote warmth in the house and complement the interior decor. They also enable one to see clearly while undertaking basic house chores. If your aging parents fancy reading, they'll appreciate appropriate lighting. See some creative ideas for additional seasonal lighting decor LINK

Bedroom Decorating 

Though bedroom decor can update the room's appearance, elderly parents don't like over decorating. So rather than adding too many details, keep things simple but classy. Buy pillows that deliver excellent neck and back posture. Don't disregard adding table lamps and withdrawing all unnecessary clutter from the bedroom. 

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