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Versalift Basement Lift

VersaLift Does Not Require An Attic

Most of us believe that VersaLift Attic Lift system will naturally require an attic as part of the basic installation requirements. This is actually not true. These are systems that can be installed as part of any storage solution regardless of where you end up putting all of your stuff. Homes with basements, without basements, with multiple levels, or with a split level design can all benefit from having one of these in place.

attic lift with medallion

Attic lift systems are certainly also perfect for homes that have attics, as this is an excellent way to bypass the access. The way you get up into your attic is most likely not going to be a good way to get storage items up there, and so you need a way to bypass this process. While this was the original and intended use for the design, you can also use these units to make it easier to store things in other places as well. A basement is essentially the same thing, except that it is built under the home instead of on top of the home. Some basements are built with garage doors while others only have a staircase to reach this level. If your basement is your main area of storage because you do not have an attic, there is no reason why you can’t use a lift to get your belongings up and down. It makes the whole idea of storing items much easier. Storing items by sending them down to the basement on a lift is the very same concept of storing them in the attic via a lift. You just load up the lift and hit the button for simple transport of your things.

Use Versa Lift as a Dumbwaiter or Lift Between floors

Split level homes are also ideal for such systems because they have a particularly effective design for one of these. They are stacked floor to floor in a way that makes them perfect for lift systems. Their floor plan gives you options for installation that can make life so much easier. Many people turn the lower level into a storage area, making it easy to keep things put away. By sectioning off a specific storage area the rest of the home can stay orderly and your storage area will be well organized. The difference this makes is huge, especially when you have a family. Their items are naturally going to grow as they do, making it important to have a place to store the things that are not in use but are still important enough to hold onto.

Attic lift systems make living in almost any style home a more pleasant experience. The chronic battle between things and you can finally be won. With the ease of remote control action you can have the highest level of organization and neatness by maintaining an area that is completely about storing items that need not be spread all over the place. Once you try one of these systems even without an attic you will see just how much you have been missing out on the ease of home maintenance.

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