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Reclaiming Your Garage!

Reclaiming Your Garage for Storage

Have you ever thought that the garage that you have outside is supposed to be used for parking your car first and then other bits and pieces of your stuff? Because wherever you see, people’s garage is exclusively being used as a yard where a million things are strewn around and your car rarely gets to see the garage, if at all. Even if the garage is being used as a storage space, that is not fully utilized and we are bound to run out of space pretty soon. Wouldn’t it be great if this precious space is used for your car as well as a garage storage so that you won’t have to find a new place to stash away the other stuff? Well, it is very much possible only if you are willing to roll up your sleeves and commit yourself to regain control of your garage. Here is the process for kicking off the campaign to tidy up your garage along with some tested recommendations for your convenience:

Where to start

* Weed: First of all, start with auditing all the items that are lying around in your garage. This is the time to get rid of everything that is really not of use and you have been holding on to for no real reason. See if these things can be sold off (think of a garage sale!) or could be handed out to someone in need. This step alone will free up some space for your garage storage.

* Clean: Start by cleaning your garage by moving out everything and scrubbing all those nooks and crannies that are unreachable otherwise.

* Categorize: To get things in order, separate the items by making relevant groups like gardening tools, car tools and sports gear. This will help you conveniently store and retrieve things whenever you need them.

* Storage tools: Depending on your budget and the size of your garage, use storage tools which are easily available from any hardware store. For example, you can install wooden shelves along the walls at a height of around 7 feet from the ground. These shelves will give you a whole lot of storage space to put away the smaller items like your tools sports stuff. Other garage storage add-ons include wall mounted rails to hang stuff, cabinets to neatly arrange things or plastic containers to put in stuff. Use of options like the shelves and rails offer the biggest advantage of saving floor space by making use of the walls leaving the floor for larger and heavier items like your lawn mower or the car itself.

While running the campaign to reclaim your garage’s space, it is also necessary to keep in mind that how frequently a group of items is required and plan its position accordingly. If this is not planned thoroughly, it would be very hard to find and retrieve things whenever they are needed, dampening the very objective of this mission. Also schedule this project carefully so that you have ample time to see it through and the best time to start is right when your weekend starts. Good luck!

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