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What to Do When Your Stuff Takes Over

The truth never seems to be foretold and it is never easy to hear. Slowly but surely, you are beginning to suffocate from the expanse of stuff in your home. You have every available storage space filled to it’s limit and still feel like there is more you could be doing. Mainly, you would like to find something in under 5 minutes and without digging through everything you own. The easiest solution is to organize and figure out another storage option.

Tips on Purging The House From Clutter

You thought you knew organizational tactics, and this isn’t saying you don’t. Just hinting at maybe you should upgrade towards something that will hold a little more. Before you do that though, see what you can move. For instance, if you have 5 blankets in the living room cubby, maybe you can lower that to 2. The extra 3 can be vacuum sealed in a bag and put into storage until you have visitors to use them.

What about those over-crowded bookshelves? It is nice to show off a great library, but maybe you could use the extra space as well. Pick out a few book that you really want to show, maybe they are acquainted with the holidays. Stack them up for the visual appeal and then put some great accessories in the other spaces. The additional books can go in other decorative places around the home, or in a box ready to take over when you get tired of looking at those currently displayed.

Re-vamping your displays may be a bummer, but it is sometimes necessary. With those small ideas underhand, it’s time to conquer the overall storage issue. Where are you going to put all this stuff once you are done? The whole purpose was to get rid of extra stuff.

One good place is your garage! It’s easily accessible and with only a few changes, can be everything you were hoping storage would be. Looking at your garage, you might be wondering how we come up with ‘a few changes’. Well, it doesn’t have to be an extravagant piece of art to store your stuff. If you want it that way, you can work it towards that. But, to start with you only need a few accessories. Some shelves or cabinets, maybe a few hooks. All of these will get you started towards the storage you need.

You can even reuse items in the house if you don’t want to buy anything at this time. Having redone the kitchen or bathroom, you could put the old cabinets to use in the garage. Make your own simple shelves by attaching boards to the wall.

It would be best to look at some specific garage storage systems if you have extremely heavy items. Only because it is bound to hold more and hold longer than a do-it-yourself option. Even simply moving boxes to the garage in a certain order will help with your problem.

Take the chance to optimize your living quarters by revitalizing the garage!

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