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3 Products to Maximize Your Overhead Garage Storage

Use Your Garage Effectively with Versa Lift

A garage keeps your car safe from theft, aggressive weather, and most cases clean. Aside from that, the garage can also double as a workshop for various projects such as woodworking, mechanics, and painting. It can also serve as a storage space for items you rarely use. So, how well are you maximizing garage space?

Overhead garage storage can help you maximize your garage space at a whole new level. Since this area sees less traffic than the floor, why not make the most of it? You can undertake a DIY project to save money by building out the upper floor level to reinforce the weight of your stored items. Optimize your garage ceiling by employing four innovative solutions and make your life easier once you have the overhead garage space prepared. 

Make Your Life Easier and Get a Storage Lift for the Garage 

Utilizing every inch of your garage's space helps keep your valuables organized and safe. Additionally, it prevents injuries and frees up space to accommodate other appliances – or hobbies. Most homeowners prefer storing items in the garage or the attic where they are protected from the outside elements. The biggest challenge when organizing in the garage and attic is the heavy lifting to get the boxes up or down. With an overhead storage lift, bulky items are easy to manage since it does all the heaving lifting for you to clear the floor for other activities. 

storage lift for garage or attic

A storage lift for the garage is available in a few different designs, so you must be well-versed with the specs of your area to determine which unit is best for your garage. So before committing to a purchase, you should consider the following: 

  • How to access the overhead storage area? 
  • Where to install the garage storage lift? 
  • Consider the dimensions of the items you want to store. 
  • The weight capacity of the overhead storage lift. 


Here are some examples of why many homeowners use garage storage lifts for: 

  • Canoe lifts. 
  • Platform lift kits. 
  • Bicycle lift kits. 
  • Elevator lifts. 
  • Manual lifts. 
  • Heavy-duty lifts. 

Best Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

Reclaim your garage with these exceptional storage ideas. Bringing your valuables that are rarely used off the floor and properly stored away to use at a later date. 

Wall Storage 

Wall storage solutions such as a Slatwall panel are an excellent addition to your garage. They are suitable for smaller materials typically not too heavy and accessories you usually access more often, like cleaning supplies. 

Ceiling Storage Lift 

Make your life easier and get a storage lift for the garage. A garage storage lift eliminates the need for hauling heavy boxes up a ladder to access hard-to-reach items. The lift employs heavy-duty straps to raise and lower items conveniently whenever you want – with a press of a button. 

Ready to install a storage lift in the garage? Versalift has 2 models and step-by-step installation instructions. Order Today.

Cargo Box Hoist

The days are gone of detaching your vehicle's cargo box and assuming it won't fall on your head. Thanks to the advanced cargo box hoist, which can suspend any branded box from your overhead garage ceiling. 

Use Reusable Containers to Store Items Rather Than Cardboards

While technological advancements rapidly offer us new ways of storing things, some products remain the same. Cardboard boxes, for example, need no introduction. They have been in use for decades and are specially formulated for storage but they are not waterproof in case a disaster happens.

So why should you choose reusable plastic containers to store items rather than cardboard? Plastic is more durable than cardboard, considering it is made from durable materials. In addition, plastics are reusable, meaning you can use them as often as you wish without them getting waterlogged or worn down. 

This makes them ideal for high-traffic areas such as garage floors. Cardboards, though reliable and cheap, are susceptible to water damage and other environmental contaminants. 

Get Yourself a Label Marker

labeled storage bins, organized storage containers

Have you ever spent time checking piles of boxes? Opening them, digging through it, then closing the box back up because it didn't contain what you were looking for? That's when a label Marker comes in handy. Label markers can help you to quickly identify the item you're looking for, saving you valuable time. You can use it to mark items in a garage while packing the bins, and storing them to make finding specific things easier. Don’t have a label maker? A sharpie pen and painter's tape work just fine too. 

You don't have to fill your home with items you only use occasionally, which can make your living space appear cluttered. Instead, use your garage ceiling to store these supplies, including gardening tools, to save valuable space while keeping your garage neat and functional.

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