Three Creative Ideas for Redecorating Your Attic Space

by Darren Hundt in blog

Attics are used mostly for storage of things that we don’t use at the moment, but don’t what to give or throw away. However, did you ever consider redecorating your attic into something more than just a storage space? There’s so much potential in attics, you just need to be a little bit creative.

Removing the DANGER From Your Attic!

by Darren Hundt in blog

You could miss work, holidays or a number of other things due to the injury. Nobody wishes that. Those times are much too important to be missing because of an accident in your home.

A few devices exist to make this trip easier for you.

The Perfect Finishing Touch for Your New Home

by Darren Hundt in blog

You’re going to buy your dream home! That is such an exciting moment! If you’re realistic then you already know there will have to be some changes made. Don’t let your new home suffer from the indignities of having nowhere to properly store stuff. Get started on the right foot and make a difference in the place.

Secret Tips You Should Remember for Organizing Your Garage

by Carson eCommerce Collaborator in blog

You might know the tips for organizing your garage, but do you really know the secret tips that many people really don’t tell you?

The New Toy In Town - Why You Will Want an Attic Lift

by Carson eCommerce Collaborator in blog

A gadget has arisen to take over the responsibility of putting your things in the attic for you. 

10 Great Ways to use Your VersaLift

by Mellie Deemy in blog

How can I use an attic lift, Would I get enough use out of it to make the cost worth it?  Well here are ten ideas on how you can best use your attic lift!

Storing Your Treasures In the Attic With Confidence

by Mellie Deemy in blog

Have complete confidence that your treasures are stored safely within the attic.  Attic Storage can be wonderful if done properly.  Learn what you should and should not store in your attic

Three Steps to Organizing Your Attic

by Steve Davidson in blog

Your attic needs to be organized. But, because you don’t know where to start in clearing up the mess of the attic, you keep postponing the task. Here are three steps on how to start.