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What You Need to Know About Attic Lifts

The news is out and attic lifts are the new in! While there may be an abundance of news on them, you have yet to get a real sense what they are. Such a shame! These newer devices are the epitome of home storage! If you have an attic or basement and you want to use it for storage without back breaking work, then you need an attic lift! So, in order for you to undertake this great household item, don’t you need all the specifics and facts? Well, here you go:


First, you should know there are typically different versions and the specific versions being discussed here will be from Versalift. They have two models, the Model 24 and Model 32.

Model 24

* Up to 200 pounds in lifting capacity.

* 15.3 cubic ft.

* Physical Dimensions: 26”W x 57”L x 47”H.

* Required Attic Height: At least 48”.

Model 32

* Lifting capacity of 250 pounds.

* 35 cubic ft.

* Dimensions: 34”W x 69”L x 60”H.

* Required Attic Height: Minimum 60”.

Now, it’s time to discuss all the grand features and benefits of this great machine!

attic lift

* Storage: When you think about storage and the possibilities, the benefits become clear pretty quick. First, you have the monthly cost. If you were to put your stuff in a storage unit you would acquire a monthly payment and the safety would be questionable. Storing items in your attic keeps you from having to worry about any of that!

* Convenience: Need something that is in storage? Sure, go to your attic, find it and then send it down to the main level with the attic lift. No need to jump in the car and drive across town to find your items in a freezing unit.

* Friendly to use: Lots of things are considered user friendly but in actuality they are only friendly to certain users. All it takes is pushing a button to use the attic lift. So, as long as you can push a button, then you are that user!

* Safer: There are a lot of facets that make this better when using your attic. One of which is the fact you no longer have to use that old ladder. Well, you still have to climb it but you don’t have to try and climb it with heavy storage items. This saves you from falling off the unstable ladder and keeps your back out of harm’s way.

* Aesthetic Value: One of the concerns with an attic lift, what does it look like? Will it make the room it is in, ugly? Luckily, when the lift is not in use, you can’t see it! The bottom is made to look like your ceiling, to camouflage it as much as possible.

Can you see what the hype is all about now? With all the variations and the features, what isn’t there to like about this! Being able to store your belongings, is the new crave! Don’t let it escape your home!

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