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VersaLift Benefits

Here we list four of the tops benefits to owning a VersaLift for your home!
  1. Convenience: Versa Lift is far more convenient than a mini-storage and eliminates monthly payments that continue to add up. You get convenient push-button access to hidden storage space that you already own... storage that is always within easy reach, anytime, day or night!
  2. Safety: Lifting heavy boxes overhead can cause permanent back injury and climbing up a steep, shaky ladder with your hands full is a recipe for disaster! The Versa Lift allows you to safely move storage items to or from the attic without risking serious injury. The Versa Lift is a smart, one-time investment to protect the health and safety of your family members.
  3. Versatility: Versa Lift is the best way to organize your home and garage, giving you easy access to your valuable attic space without heavy lifting. The Versa Lift is also great for split-level homes, elevated coastal homes, homes with basements, and covered decks, too! It's a labor-saving solution to carrying everything up and down stairs! 
  4. Great Features: Versa Lift exclusive features include:       
  • Auto-Stop - The lifting platform stops automatically when it reaches the full-up or full-down position.                         
  • Auto-Close - When the lift is not is use, the ceiling opening is automatically closed with a door panel.                         
  • Level-Up - The lifting platform automatically stops level with the upstairs floor, regardless of joist height, for easy loading and unloading.
  • Keyed Controls- The controls on the VersaLift come with a key to prevent children from playing with the lift.

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