AS-24 Auto-Shutter Door. This is a steel door for in-home safety that closes down over the opening when the lift is in down position.

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VersaLift Accessories: AS-24 Auto-Shutter Door Cover

The Versalift Safety door was designed to close the opening when the Versalift is lowered. This is great for interior installs of the Versalift and for the safety of kids and adults.

With the AS-24 Auto-Shutter Door, when the attic lift is lowered, the cover door will slide down gently covering the opening in the ceiling from your VersaLift. As the VersaLift rises back up, the door cover slides upward to the open position. The picture to the right shows the lift in the "up" position and to the right is the lift in the "down" position with the Auto Shutter Door closed.

Accessory Type
Auto door kit
Auto shut door application
Material Type
Aluminum and steel
Dimensions L x W x H (in.)
40 x 26 x 1 1/2
12 months limited parts / No labor
Ship Weight
20.0 lbs