Risk Analysis on an Attic Lift

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Is the investment of an attic lift worth it?  If I only use it once a year, that is a lot of money to spend.  Will it be an investment or a waste of money?  When deciding whether or not to purchase an attic lift here are some things to consider.  

Time and Health Savings

The attic lift will lift 200-250 pounds at a time.  Therefore, the attic lift is a major time saver.  Multiple trips are now cut down to just a couple.  You are also protecting your health by not lifting objects while climbing the attic ladder.  You are saving your back, by not lifting heavy objects, but you are also preventing accidents that could potentially happen by climbing up and down the attic stairs.  The money saved in these two areas could be significant.

Financial Savings

If you have or are considering a storage unit, you will quickly save the money spent on the attic lift, not having to pay monthly fees on a storage unit.  Having things stored at your house will also save you time spent traveling, and give you peace of mind knowing your items are safe.

The lift can actually make you money as well.  How? You ask.  It increases the value of your home and becomes a selling point if you ever did decide to move. 


The attic lift is great for storing many items in addition to your holiday decorations.  Any item that you don’t use regularly can easily be stored and retrieved.  Items such as luggage, ice chests, camping gear, or sports equipment.  The list goes on and on.  Check out this blog for additional ideas. https://versaliftsystems.com/blogs/news/10-great-ways-to-use-your-versalift . There are a few items you do not want to store in the attic.  You can find those here: https://versaliftsystems.com/blogs/news/never-store-these-five-items-in-the-attic .  It is easy to see that your lift could become a valuable tool several times a year.  No matter how often you use it however, it will be beneficial and save you money. 

The lift can go between any two floors, so it is not only great for the attic, but also for basements, elevated porches, or multi-story homes.  Again, the possibilities are numerous on how the lift can be used.  All you need is two floors for it to go between.

With all of the many uses of the lift, I think it is safe to say the lift will be worth the initial investment.  You will reap the benefit many times over in time, health, and money saved. Who knows if you move you may even earn some money!


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