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Never Store These Five Items in the Attic!


Using your attic as storage space is an easy way of making sure you have enough room in your home. It is tempting to store unneeded stuff in the attic for several years. Many people who use their attic for storage space do not realize there are certain items you cannot store in the attic. Normal attics are not climate controlled and will damage your special items. Also, attics do not protect from humidity and moisture. Attics tend to harsh environmental conditions, such as dust, mites, mold, etcetera. Some items when stored in an attic will become trash because the heat and humidity will damage them. It’s important to know what stuff you should not store in the attic. Here are some of the things you should never store in your attic.

Delicate Fabric

Delicate fabrics will be ruined by higher temperatures and humidity. Mold can form from humid conditions, permanently staining and ruining clothes. Dust can cause tears in the fabric, especially along the fold creases. Fading and bleeding of colors can occur from sunlight or heat. Leather and fur are both especially sensitive to extreme temperatures. Store your delicate fabrics, leather, and fur in cooler areas of the house. This will preserve them for a lifetime.
Both mice and insects like the hot, humid temperature in the attic. Moths not only love wool but, pretty much any plant-based cloth. Mice and rats find them to be a comfy nest. You do not want to ruin your clothes by storing them in the attic.

Furniture with Natural Materials

Many people will store furniture they are not currently using in the attic. Storing furniture in the attic is not a good idea. Changes in temperature can ruin wood and leather furniture. Mildew in the attic can leave marks on furniture that will never come out. Leather can crack in extreme heat and, like other fabrics, it attracts mildew. Wood can mildew and warp if it’s not stored in a climate-controlled space. Furniture stored in the attic can become unusable.


There are two reasons why you should not store food in your attic, especially during the summer time. The first reason is that it will attract mice and other insects. You can get some nasty varmints in your home which are often difficult to exterminate. The second reason is, food will spoil easier in the attic. Again, this is because of the heat and humidity. Even food that doesn’t go bad quickly becomes unsafe to eat. Store food inside your home, where there is climate control.

Flammable Items

Never store flammable items such as paint, cleaning products, and chemicals near a heat source, or in the attic where it can get very hot. Propane tanks for your gas grill should be stored outside, away from the house.


You should not store electronics in the attic. The damage from the attic will render your electronics useless. The best place to store any electronics is in a climate-controlled area, such as a bedroom or utility closet. If you can, place items back in their original packaging to further protect them while in storage.
Protect these items by choosing a climate-controlled location to store them. Choose the attic for your items that will not be ruined by the harsher climate of the garage or by pesky pests. Items that work well stored in the attic can be found on our blog here: The attic can be the perfect storage solution when you store items that will not be ruined by the harsher climate.

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