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Versatile VersaLift

10 Great Ways to use Your VersaLift

How can I use an attic lift, Would I get enough use out of it to make the cost worth it?  Well here are ten ideas on how you can best use your attic lift!

  1. The obvious answer is seasonal decorations, not just Christmas, but think about Easter, Thanksgiving decor, Fourth of July or any other party supplies, you won’t be using year-round.
  1. Kitchen supplies. Pots and pans you rarely use but need to hold onto. Ceramics, plate and dish sets, Platters, etc.
  1. Project bins. I like to store items together I use at the same time for projects like outdoor entertaining and crafting.
  1. Travel Gear - Luggage, Duffel Bags, Garment Bags, Back packs
  1. Outdoor Gear - Camping, Sports, Fishing, Coolers etc
  1. Outdoor and Patio Items – Furniture, Cushions, Umbrellas, Pots
  1. Tools and Garden Equipment
  1. Vehicle Maintenance – Tools, Ramps, Compressors, etc

Basement or MultiStory Homes

  1. Groceries
  1. Laundry

As you can see there are many great uses for the attic lift, whether you place it in the garage and attic or other areas of your home.  We are confident that you will not regret the investment, and will get much use from your VersaLift a truly Versatile addition to your home.

Let us know of additional ways you have found to use a lift.  To ask questions or to order your own lift or as a gift contact a VersaLift Specialist call us at 405-516-2412 email us or visit our website

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