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5 Reasons Why the Attic Lift and the Attic Make the Perfect Combination

Bread and butter, a lock and a key, a porch and a swing, there are many perfect combinations familiar to all of us.  Here are five reasons why the Attic Lift and the attic should be among those ideal combinations.

 1. Makes the Attic Useful

       Most attics are abandoned. They don’t contain much other than the space between the ceiling and the roof. However, attics can be considerably more! Given the support and care, you provide the rest of the house; the attic could turn into the perfect addition to your home! You could do a full fledge remodel of the attic constructing a whole new living space, or you could turn it into additional storage.  An attic is an often-forgotten place with a huge amount of potential!

 2. Takes Back Your Garage

       When you have put the attic to good use, it will enable you to take back your garage.  You will finally be able to kick out all of those tubs, seasonal items, sports gear, and other items rarely used. When you are ready to use them, they will be easy to access. These items can find a new home in the attic, and you can finally have space in the garage for the things you really need in there. Just think, maybe you could actually fit the car in the garage!

 3. Gets Rid of the Storage Shed

       Storage sheds can add up quickly with the monthly rental fees.  Instead of paying money to someone else save it, and add to the value of your home with the purchase of an attic lift. All of the stuff filling up the storage shed can now be stored conveniently in the attic.  No more monthly payments, no more trips across town to the storage shed when you need something, and no more concern of its safety.

 4. Eliminates the Risk of Injury

       Attic stairs can be downright dangerous especially if you are trying to carry something while climbing them.  One wrong step can be disastrous.  Even a twisted ankle can cause a great deal of discomfort and stress.  Often times the injuries caused from the attic stairs are much more severe leading to emergency room visits or hospitalization. With the attic lift, you can put your mind at ease, because the lift will do the lifting for you.  Increased safety comes when you use the VersaRail.  The VersaRail gives you something to hang on to as you enter and exit the attic.

 5. Protects Your Back

       Back strain or injury can occur without warning when trying to lift objects.  The chances increase when the object is heavy, you are trying to climb, or lift an item at an odd angle.  All three of these situations are likely to occur when you are trying to get items into the attic while using the attic ladder.  Therefore, the risk of back injury is significant.  Rest easy and allow the lift to do the lifting for you.

         Some things are just made to go together.  Movies and popcorn, Mickey and Minnie, Laurel and Hardy, the attic and the attic lift.  Sometimes you just should not have one thing without the other.

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