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Three Creative Ideas for Redecorating Your Attic Space

Three Creative Ideas for Redecorating Your Attic Space.

Attics are used mostly for storage of things that we don’t use at the moment, but don’t what to give or throw away. However, did you ever consider redecorating your attic into something more than just a storage space? There’s so much potential in attics, you just need to be a little bit creative. If you’re lacking in creativity, and are looking for some redecorating ideas, then you will like these ideas on how you can change your attic into living spaces.

  1. Home office

So many of us are in need of some office space at home. It isn’t always ideal to bring work home have to work in the dining room. You don’t have any privacy trying to work in the dining room. You can redecorate your attic storage space into a home office. There you will get the peace and quiet that you need when you’re working.

The first thing that you need to do, is make sure that you’re not going to get hot in the attic. With a new floor, freshly painted walls and some office furniture, you will have your own office space. Just for you alone.

  1. Another bedroom

So many of us are struggling with sleeping arrangements when guests come to visit and you don’t have any guest rooms. Not many people have enough bedrooms to be able to turn one into a guest room. If you have a great attic, you don’t have a problem anymore.

You can turn the attic into something special with a great guest room. If you’re doing a great job, your guest won’t even feel that they’re sleeping in the attic. A carpet, light painted walls and a really comfortable bed are essential. Then, you need to look at better lighting and make sure that you add a ceiling fan or even air conditioning to the room. Now you have a perfect, private guest bedroom without spending too much money.

  1. Playroom

If you have an attic with a safe staircase, you can turn your attic from storage space to a playroom for your children. You can paint the walls bright colors, make sure that there’s enough light and make sure that the temperature is perfect.

The great thing about changing your attic storage space into a playroom, is that you’re going to have a tidier home, without toys lying around everywhere. It can be hard to keep a house clean with small children, but if they have their own playroom, away from the rest of the house, you will never have to struggle with a house that’s full of toys, everywhere.

There are so many ways you can redecorate your attic storage space creating solutions which will work for your family. The home office, bedroom and playroom are just to mention three different options, but with a little bit creativity and a small budget, you can redecorate your storage attic into that space you’re so desperately looking for.


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