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Things That Should Never Be Stored in Your Attic

If you're like most homeowners, you probably have a lot of stuff crammed into your attic. While it might be convenient to store all of your excess belongings up there, it's important to be aware of what should never be stored in your attic. Why? Because storing certain items in your attic can actually damage your home and cause serious safety hazards. If you're not sure what these items are, read on for a list of the things that should never be stored in your attic.

Hazardous Materials

If you're storing any flammable chemicals—whether they're used for cleaning, photography, or home repair—you're going to want to keep them out of your attic. Flammable or hazardous items should not be stored in the attic with extreme temperature. These items can cause a fire within your home. 


If you're hoping to pass down any beloved paintings to the next generation, make sure you're not storing them in your attic. It can be damaged by pests, and by extreme temperature changes in the attic.


Leather is particularly susceptible to temperature fluctuations, and it can become stained by moisture in humid environments or begin to crack under overly-dry conditions. 

Wool Clothing and Blankets

Heat, humidity, and cold can wreak havoc on your fabric items. This is even more true for things made out of natural fibers, such as wool. What's more, attics are notorious havens for pests like moths and carpet beetles, which can quickly lay waste to your precious goods.


If you're storing electronics in your attic, you might be unpleasantly surprised to find them less-than-functional in the future. Attics without air conditioning can reach up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit on a hot day. And that's way too hot for your electronics to survive. Big tech companies like Apple,  recommends using their computers at between 50 and 95 degrees, while other devices, like TVs and phones, can easily overheat or even warp if left in intense heat.


Those spare batteries may not be long for this world if you're keeping them in a hot, humid attic. At high temperatures, like the ones you might find in your attic, batteries can rapidly lose power or may even start leaking, potentially setting you up for a chemical burn.


Temperature fluctuations in your attic might mean that your next paint job is more of a disaster than a masterpiece. Both heat and cold can change the consistency of paint. And, if the can isn't tightly sealed, high temperatures may cause it to dry out quickly.

Hope This Helped! 

There are many things in your attic that can be stored elsewhere. Don't let these items take up space and make it difficult to find what you need. While it's tempting to keep all the stuff you don't use in your home, believing that someday you'll actually have time or space to enjoy them, there are some items that should never be stored up in an attic. They're either too dangerous if they're left alone and unchecked (think old paint cans) or because of their environmental impact on the world around us.

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