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10 Ideas for Organizing Your Garage

Use Your Space Effectively with Versa Lift

Over the years, your garage can get a little cluttered. From all of the tools and other items that tend to accumulate in this often-overlooked space it can be difficult to know how to best organize it. Luckily, with a few simple steps, you can make your garage neater and give yourself more space for all of your must-have garage items.

      1. Sort and Identify - The first step to organizing any place is to sort through everything in it and decide which items you will keep and which should be thrown away or donated. Once you’ve pared down what needs to stay in the garage, start sorting each item into categories like tools, sports equipment, automotive supplies, or seasonal decorations so that each category is together and easier to find.  Lay out your garage on a piece of paper with measurements, then work on a design that takes things into consideration such as the cars in the garage and the lawn mower.
      2. Create Storage Solutions - Now that you have everything sorted by its respective category, you can start thinking outside the box on storage solutions. Invest in some modular shelving and cabinets so that everything has its own place when not in use, making the entire area look more organized. Hang lightweight items such as rakes or shovels on a pegboard or slatwall system to free up extra shelf space for heavier items like paint cans or coolers.  Those things you have not used in the last year should go into the attic or be
      3. Utilize Vertical Space - Take advantage of vertical wall space by installing hooks, shelves, bins and rails where possible. If there are any awkward spaces between studs or above mounted items consider using light-duty wire shelving or hanging walls organizers with pockets for smaller items such as screwdrivers or pliers that would otherwise need their own little homes in drawers or cabinets.
      4. High Ceiling? Install A Ceiling Storage System - If your garage has a high ceiling then installing a ceiling lift system is something worth considering for those cumbersome yet necessary items such as ladders or kayaks that can take up an enormous amount of floor space if left out permanently. This type of system allows you to hoist these larger objects off the floor while they are not being used and stored within reach whenever needed again!  Have a large attic?  Consider an attic lift.  They’re a great way to lift things into the attic leaving more room in the garage. 
      5. Don’t Forget About Bikes - Installing a bike rack can make all of the difference when it comes freeing up even more floor space from four-wheeled metal monsters camped out inside the garage (i.e., cars). These racks come in various shapes and sizes so whether you have one bike or several you will easily be able to hang them all off the ground – fast becoming one of our best tips for organizing garages!

      6 . Invest In Garage Cabinets - Garage cabinets provide many benefits beyond just organization; they can greatly help protect valuable tools from corrosion due to dust particles in the air by having them tucked away neatly inside designated spaces rather than left out exposed on open shelves where they could collect dirt and dust over time leading to damage which could mean costly replacement expenses if not cared for properly!

      7 . Get Hooked On Hooks - Often overlooked but some of the most valuable tools when it comes organizing are “hooks” small hooks usually used along walls within closets however they also work wonders when attached along your garage walls providing much needed storage areas off larger hanging containers like mops/brooms/rags etc…they might not seem like much but trust us their impact is huge when trying keep clutter at bay within our sacred garage sanctuaries!

      8 . Consider Wall-Mounted Containers – Seemingly small wall mounted plastic containers made nowadays offer amazing amounts storage potential for smaller loose parts such screws/bolts/nuts. As well as being invaluable organizational aids these types containers also act great deterrent against rodents who may attempt finding way through small openings onto surfaces within reach ( see point 1 ) As mentioned earlier these wall mounted units near invisible after installation & provide neat looking results without taking too much effort set up correctly & use correctly ! 

       9 . Maximize Shelves & Drawers For Smaller Items – Naturally with number different objects residing an average house there bound strong demand efficient ways store them & maximize usage any given special accommodations. That's why investing deeper shelves drawers important here helping organize tighter more compact spaces better allowing end user access desired objects faster while seeing bigger picture outcome soon as glance instead spending minutes rummaging around piles unorganized stuff!

      10 Add Some Finishing Touches – Last but definitely least add finishing touches helping create visually pleasing oasis away everyday chaos , Adding colorful paintings artwork nearby walls makes eye engaging displays sure bring smile faces folks walk by adding personal touch character room !

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