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Attic Lifts for Garage May Be the Solution to Storage Problems

by steve davidson in blog

There are few things that will always cause problems in society. One of those, the compilation of stuff. We like to buy things, make things and decorate everything we own to match our personalities. You start with the bare minimum that fits in one bedroom and escalate to an entire house. When you get married and have kids, the list of stuff just continues to grow. There seems to be no end in sight to the insurmountable amount of personal attributes. As it continues, we run into the problem of where to put everything.Is it going to be put in...

Take the Headache Out of Attic Storage!

by Mellie Deemy in blog

The attic can be one a great storage space, or it can be a major headache.  Below are ways you can stop the headache and enjoy attic storage.

How to Simplify the Decorating Season

by Mellie Deemy in blog

It is that time again, time for putting out decorations for all of the various fall and winter holidays. There seems to be holiday after holiday this time of the year. This means constant changing of the decorations. Putting up decorations, taking them down, and getting more out, the trips to the attic never cease. Which can lead to backaches from carrying all the heavy items up the ladders. Each step groaning under the added pressure of your weight plus the boxes. An indication that your next trip might not be as fortunate as the last. The next groan you hear might be coming from you as the ladder gives out and you are landing on the floor.

Time for A Change

by Mellie Deemy in blog

It was time for a change.   Before there was never a thought about using the garage for anything other than keeping cars safe. Now that image has certainly changed because it is now a functional storage unit! 

Using Your Attic Lift to Its Fullest

by Darren Hundt in blog

Is the investment of an attic lift worth it?  If I only use it once a year, that is a lot of money to spend.  Will it be an investment or a waste of money?  If I do get one how can I use it to its full potential?When deciding whether or not to purchase an attic lift here are some things to consider.  

VersaLift Benefits

by Darren Hundt in blog

Here we list four of the tops benefits to owning a VersaLift for your home!

5 Reasons Why the Attic Lift and the Attic Make the Perfect Combination

by Mellie Deemy in blog

 Bread and butter, a lock and a key, a porch and a swing, there are many perfect combinations familiar to all of us.  Here are five reasons why the Attic Lift and the attic should be among those ideal combinations.

Six Easy Garage Organization Tips and Tricks

by Mellie Deemy in blog

Decluttering a garage can be a hectic task as it is used for storing many things collected over the years. There are several fun and easy ways of organizing your garage. After the mess is cleared up, you will be relieved.

Investing In Your New Home & organizing Your Life!

by Darren Hundt in blog

Invest in your new home, and organize your life, creating a home that fits your personality and meets all of your storage needs! There’s nothing more revitalizing than knowing function and personality can go together! 

Advantages to Using an Attic Lift

by Darren Hundt in blog

Struggling with space in your attic can really be a problem. Some even have some problems with getting to the attic safely, because of the bad stairs they need to use to get into the attic. 

Removing the DANGER From Your Attic!

by Darren Hundt in blog

You could miss work, holidays or a number of other things due to the injury. Nobody wishes that. Those times are much too important to be missing because of an accident in your home.

A few devices exist to make this trip easier for you.

The Perfect Finishing Touch for Your New Home

by Darren Hundt in blog

You’re going to buy your dream home! That is such an exciting moment! If you’re realistic then you already know there will have to be some changes made. Don’t let your new home suffer from the indignities of having nowhere to properly store stuff. Get started on the right foot and make a difference in the place.

Benefits for Homeowners in Flood Zones

by Carson eCommerce Collaborator in blog

When flood waters rise, the first thing you want to do is move your valuable possessions, especially the irreplaceable ones like family photo albums, titles, certificates, policies and tax records as high as possible. It follows that the last place to get inundated by a flood will be the attic, the highest room in your home!  Having a VersaLift makes this task both quicker and easier to do in an emergency.

The New Toy In Town - Why You Will Want an Attic Lift

by Carson eCommerce Collaborator in blog

A gadget has arisen to take over the responsibility of putting your things in the attic for you. 

The Nitty-Gritty on Attic lifts

by Steve Davidson in blog

 The news is out and attic lifts are the new in! While there may be an abundance of news on them, you have yet to get a real sense what they are. Such a shame! These newer devices are the epitome of home storage! If you have an attic or basement and you want to use it for storage without back breaking work, then you need an attic lift! So, in order for you to undertake this great household item, don’t you need all the specifics and facts? Well, here you go:

10 Great Ways to use Your VersaLift

by Mellie Deemy in blog

How can I use an attic lift, Would I get enough use out of it to make the cost worth it?  Well here are ten ideas on how you can best use your attic lift!

Four Reasons You Need to Invest in an Attic Lift

by Mellie Deemy in blog

Hearing about an attic lift can cause the same feeling you would make in buying a house. Will the investment be worth it? What could this actually do? How is this contraption going to help anything? So, here is your one stop shop for the attic lift, and four reasons why you need to invest in attic lift.