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Removing the DANGER From Your Attic!

Removing the Danger from Your Attic


The good news is, you already use your attic for your storage needs. The bad news, you dread making the trips into the attic because of the ladder. Sure, it hasn’t failed you yet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t. It also doesn’t mean that one day, you just might slip on that ladder with a heavy box and end up in a bad position. You could miss work, holidays or a number of other things due to the injury. Nobody wishes that. Those times are much too important to be missing because of an accident in your home.

A few devices exist to make this trip easier for you. You could completely renovate the entrance to your attic. If you could make it to include stable stairs instead of a vertical ladder, the trips would be easier on your joints, but that wouldn’t eliminate the possibility of falling because you couldn’t see a step with the stuff you were carrying. In fact, no entrance to the attic would change that.

What you really need is something to elevate the items for you. Then all you would have to do is climb the stairs by yourself. There would be no extra weight to be added to the experience. The tool you are looking for is an attic lift. These are more beneficial to your home than you could imagine.

Once the hole is cut for the installation, the bottom of the lift is made to sit flush with the ceiling. For those that really care about appearance, this helps to keep the lift hidden when not in use. You can have several different sizes of lifts depending on the space available and the lifting capacity you need. There are also things you can add so that the lift is more to your satisfaction.

For instance, the machine is controlled with a remote. You can stick with the normal corded remote or you can look into the cordless. They can even install a control on the wall if that makes it easier for you.

Weight capacities on the lift will vary between 200 and 250 pounds. Other than the weight capacity, you will need to watch the length of things. If they are longer than the lift, you may have to try and fit them in vertically. Trying to fit something into an opening without there being room, could result in massive damage to the lift.

With the possibility of carrying up to 250 pounds, you may never have to carry anything to the attic again! When you are talking about your joints, this is very valuable. The longer we live, the less stress our bodies can take. Almost anyone who is suffering from swollen knee joints will agree to that. Considering the amount of decorating and the amount of times you are visiting the attic, anything to lessen the stress is great.

The attic isn’t dangerous in its original form, so take the chance and make it safer while still using it.

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