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How to Simplify the Decorating Season

Making Holidays Easier 

It is that time again, time for putting out holiday decorations for all of the various fall and winter holidays. There seems to be holiday after holiday this time of the year. This means constant changing of the decorations. Putting up decorations, taking them down, and getting more out, the trips to the attic never cease. Which can lead to backaches from carrying all the heavy items up the ladders. Each step groaning under the added pressure of your weight plus the boxes. An indication that your next trip might not be as fortunate as the last. The next groan you hear might be coming from you as the ladder gives out and you are landing on the floor.

This thought might not have occurred before, but the reality is finally setting in. The last thing you want is to have something breaking, you, your decorations, or the ladder. After all the ladder, gives you the access to all of the treasures in the attic. There are three solutions to this problem.

 First Solution: Storage Unit

You could go rent a storage unit and move all your stuff, but that requires an extra monthly payment and some anxiety. Always worrying about whether the unit is safe and if it is leaking or having any other problems. Then, there is the problem of always having to find the time to make the trip there to get the stuff out you need and store the things you don't. Seems like one big headache after another.

 Second Solution: Using the Extra Rooms

Keeping your items in your house is another option. Although, you do like the way things are now and you don’t want to add clutter. This would present a problem when you are trying to move everything. Besides, do you even have extra room in the house?

 Third Solution: Attic Lifts

 What are attic lifts? An attic lift, is a machine to save your attic, and you! That ladder as scary as it may be, will last much longer if it is only holding your weight versus yours plus another 50 lbs. Let’s not forget the number of trips you make. An attic lift can turn 4 trips into one! Of course, it is a machine, but as a machine it will be able to handle more weight than you can as a person. Thus, you can place more than one box on the lift and have it in the attic.  Easily store and retrieve your things.  The lift can hold up to 250 pounds and easily makes as many trips as needed, while you only have to make the trip once! (if you have a partner on the bottom floor) Save your back, your treasures, and your ladder!

 Some may be concerned with the price of the lift opposed to the price of a storage unit. Well, while you may have an initial cost that is more than that of a unit, think about long-term. If you have a storage unit, it will be never-ending monthly costs. Whereas a lift will be paid off in a given time or in the beginning depending on how you purchase.

 If you want to make your home safer, and simplify the craziness of the decorating season then an attic lift will be the answer you are seeking. This will keep everything in your home without cluttering your home. It only takes one time to try it out, and you will see the promising future!  Decorating this holiday season will be your simplest yet!

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