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The Ultimate Secret of Attic Organization

You saw how neat and organized your friends and families attic is, and you know what a mess your attic is. The reason why your friends and families' attic are so organized and clean, is because they know the ultimate secret of attic organization, and you do not. But, with these secrets, you will also be able to get organized and clean your attic in no time. And, before you know it, you will have an attic that is just as organized as your friends and families attic.

Start Sorting the Stuff

The one thing that you need to do, to have an organized attic, is to start sorting your stuff that you have stored in the attic. Most of that stuff that you have stored can be thrown away or donated. You should start by sorting through the stuff and make sure that you are throwing things away, and giving things away. The less stuff you have in your attic, the more organized the attic will stay.

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You can sort out the things in a way that is easiest for you. You can sort it alphabetically or you can sort the stuff according to the rooms. For example, all the kitchen stuff comes in one container, while the toys of the oldest one come in another container. To make this successful you should label the containers carefully.

Using Bins Rather Than Boxes

Over time, we all know that boxes don’t stay in perfect shape. And, they are torn so easily. This is normally the reason for an attic that is disorganized. When a box is torn, they don’t pick up the stuff that was in the box and repair the box. No, it is just going to lie there for a couple of years.

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The plastic containers are so much more durable and will last for a couple of years. And, the best part is that you can see through the container to find what you are looking for.


When it comes to labeling, you should make sure that you are doing the labeling correctly. This is the only way to ensure that the attic stays organized and neat.

The first secret behind labeling is that you should not label the container on the top or lid. You will not see what inside is if you have them stacked up on top of each other. Rather label them in the front and place the label so that you can see what the container contains. This will ensure that you always know what box is where.

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You don’t need to have an attic that is disorganized and filthy. It’s really not as hard to organize your attic so that you can find the things that have been stored there. And, you don’t really need to hire a professional to assist you in organizing your attic. You can do this with these ultimate attic organization secrets. With these secrets you will find that having an organized attic is great, and you will never search for something in the attic again.

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