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How To Cope With Downsizing to a Smaller Home

Don't Let Downsizing Stress You Out!!!

The process of downsizing is overwhelming, regardless of how ready you are for it. Though you know that it’s time for a change, paring down and organizing your old items is never an easy process. So to get through this stage effectively, you’ll need to learn a few strategies to cope with the drastic alteration to your lifestyle. This includes finding ways to settle in on your terms and keep your new space orderly from the start. Read on to learn how to cope with downsizing to a smaller home and minimize your stress surrounding the move.

Take the Process Slow

Firstly, take your time in your downsizing preparations. While many homeowners want to get the process over with as soon as possible, doing so only puts additional stress on yourself. It also increases the chances of you throwing away something that you actually wanted to keep. Allowing yourself time to go through things properly will ensure that you don’t rush your decisions and can handle things at your own pace.

Work on One Room at a Time

You can also cope with downsizing to a smaller home by focusing your efforts on one room at a time. It’s easy to experience confusion about what items or furniture you want to go where when you’re trying to tackle several rooms at once. Instead, consider organizing one room at a time. Taking on a few smaller jobs is less stressful to the mind than attempting to do the whole house, so try to look at downsizing as a series of steps rather than a marathon.

Note How Much Space the New Home Has

Another thing you can do is to measure how much space you have in your new home after purchasing it. After all, it never hurts to make sure, and double-checking the numbers now will ensure that you don’t accidentally bring too much when you move in. This way, you won’t need to go back and get rid of more of your belongings later in the process.

Install an Attic Lift Before Move-In

If you really want to make downsizing easier for yourself, installing an attic lift in your new home is one of the best ways yet. These devices allow you to transport your belongings from one floor to the next without you needing to lug heavy boxes around. They’re a great way to save yourself time and effort and allow you to get the most out of your attic storage. As such, they’re a must if you’re trying to fit a lot of things in a smaller home.

At VersaLift, part of our mission is to ensure that every homeowner can utilize their attic space for storage—especially those looking to downsize. Our automatic attic lifts fit perfectly in any living room, garage, or even hallway, creating an easy way to transport your belongings to and from your attic space. This way, you’ll no longer need to worry about accessing your favorite possessions.

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