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Automatic Attic Lift | Large Attic Lift

Introducing the VersaLift Model 32 Large Attic Lift

Say goodbye to the hassle of moving boxes and supplies from your garage to your attic. With the VersaLift Model 32 automatic attic lift, decluttering your home has never been easier. This industry-leading solution is designed to tackle overwhelming garage clutter with ease.

Featuring a spacious platform measuring 28.75 inches by 56 inches and a generous 35-cubic feet of loading room, the Model 32 provides ample space for all your storage needs. With a robust lifting capacity of 250 pounds, you can effortlessly store and retrieve seasonal decorations, winter supplies, tools, travel equipment, and more.

Our automatic attic lift is built to last, ensuring years, even decades, of reliable performance. Don't let valuable garage space go to waste when the Model 32 can optimize your storage capabilities effortlessly. 

For additional information on our large attic lifts, explore our attic lifts page. If you have any questions or wish to get in touch, fill out our contact form or call us at (405) 516 2412. Don't let clutter control your home. Invest in the VersaLift Model 32 Large Attic Lift today and reclaim your space.

Versalift Model 32 Large
Versalift Model 32 Large Attic Lift


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