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Tips for Safely Storing Items in Your Attic

Don't Lose Your Valuables in Your Attic!

When using an attic space as storage, it’s common for homeowners to toss their belongings into these areas and quickly forget about them. However, if you want these items, as well as yourself, to be safe in this part of your home, you’ll need to adopt more effective practices to do so. Otherwise, you risk damaging some of your valued objects or putting yourself in harm’s way as you maneuver through the space. Use these tips for safely storing items in your attic to ensure you’re keeping everything in its proper condition.

Know What Not To Store

Storing your possessions in the right way always begins with knowing what you can and can’t keep in a particular space. In the case of your attic, you’ll want to avoid packing away anything fragile, sensitive to temperature, or flammable. So if you were planning to stash glassware or power tools up there, you might what to think again. These items are often prone to damage, which makes them a hazard to you and the rest of your home. Instead, limit what you store in this space to things like holiday decorations, extra kitchen supplies, project bins, and travel items.

Protect Everything in the Space

Once you start arranging things in the attic, find a way to protect your items. Even in a relatively controlled space, dust will still collect on surfaces, or bugs will start eating away at some materials. For this reason, taking a few minutes to cover these objects with a tarp or place them in a plastic container can go a long way in preserving their quality.

Keep an Eye Out for Abrasive Areas

Another important tip for safely storing items in your attic is to avoid placing them near anything sharp or abrasive. Attics often have exposed nails and other pointed hazards sticking out along their floorboards. Placing your items near or on top of them can result in punctures or tearing. Therefore, repairing these edges or taking care to place objects around them will be crucial to keeping your belongings in quality shape.

Make It Easier To Move Items Around

The harder it is to move your belongings around your attic, the higher your chance of breaking something or injuring yourself. Instead, establish a straightforward organizational method for this area, and work to keep everything in its proper place. You’ll also need to find an effective way to get these objects into the attic to prevent any other issues from occurring.

Fortunately, we at VersaLift can help with this task. Our garage storage elevator system allows you to move things quickly and effortlessly from one level of your home directly into the attic. This way, you don’t have to carry these heavy items on your own, protecting them from damage during transport. Once you’ve moved it into the attic, you can also lock the platform in place while you finish organizing. For any questions you may have, visit our website or give us a call.

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