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How or Why To Use Your Attic To Store Keepsakes and Valuables

I have a large attic and my wife has a lot of those tubs (over 25) full of decorations and keepsakes.  We even have a cradle in the attic that the kids used, and now we have grandkids, don’t ask me why we still have it but the wife will not under any circumstances allow me to dispose of it.  Attic storage is often an overlooked aspect of home organization. However, I must admit it plays a crucial role in preserving your keepsakes, especially if you live in a house with limited storage space. For those that criticize people that keep things that the critic feels they should have disposed of a long time ago, my suggestion would be to examine your life for a new depth of joy.  I’m not supporting hoarding, I’m sharing feelings about a more serious level of storage that can be meaningful for generations to come.  For example, Storing keepsakes can bring joy in several ways such as:

Preserving Memories: Keepsakes often represent significant moments, people, or places in our lives. They serve as physical reminders of those memories, allowing us to revisit them whenever we want. This can bring a sense of comfort and happiness.  Going through those old photo albums, pictures, and school annuals can bring back memories and sharing that your kids and grandkids can actually learn tidbits of history about your life when you were their current age that can spur stories they will share with their kids and grandkids long after you are gone.  school annuals

Emotional Connection: Keepsakes often evoke strong emotions. They might remind us of loved ones, happy times, achievements, or personal growth. This emotional connection can provide a sense of continuity and personal history, which can be very satisfying.  My wife has certain things that belonged to her mother that she has kept which allows her to remain close to her memories of her and give her a sense of joy.

Nostalgia: Looking at keepsakes can stimulate nostalgia, a sentimental longing for the past. Research has shown that nostalgia can boost mood, increase self-esteem, and foster feelings of social connectedness I have an uncle that wears a ball cap from his days as a member of Airborne Paratroopers in WWII and he has some items kept from those days and we have had hours of great conversations about those days of service and it has actually given me joy to thank him for his sacrifice and service towards our generations past, present, and future.

old telephone

Mindfulness: Going through keepsakes can be a mindful activity. It encourages us to slow down, focus on the present moment, and fully engage with our senses. This mindfulness can promote relaxation and joy.  As I have shared things like trophies, plaques, letter jackets and other awards won in my young life, I think it gives my grandkids motivation to excel and become successful in some of their endeavors as well.

Legacy: This is huge for me. Keepsakes allow you to pass down stories and traditions to future generations, preserving your legacy. Knowing that these items will continue to carry your memory can provide a profound sense of satisfaction.  Who doesn’t want to leave a legacy?  Leaving a legacy is about the impact and influence you leave behind when you're gone. It's about shaping the future in a way that reflects your values, passions, and dreams. To me, leaving a legacy means making a significant contribution that can inspire and guide others long after I'm gone.

 golf trophy

It could be through the work I do, the knowledge I impart, or the love I share. It could be about creating something of lasting value, like a groundbreaking invention or a transformative organization. Or it might be about touching people's lives in meaningful ways, through acts of kindness, mentorship, or leadership.  Leaving a legacy is also about personal fulfillment. It gives one life purpose and direction, knowing that what I do today has the potential to make a difference tomorrow. It's a way to transcend the limitations of time, to continue to exist and matter even when you're no longer here.  Remember, the joy of keepsakes comes from their emotional value, not their quantity. It's important to curate your collection carefully, keeping only those items that truly bring you joy.

Protection from Damage

Your attic is generally a safe place to store items that are not sensitive to temperature fluctuations, such as metal, glass, or ceramic According to The Spruce, the attic can be used to store anything impervious to heat This can include keepsakes made of these materials. However, items like photographs and wooden artifacts should be stored elsewhere as heat can cause damage.  Check back later for my guide on proper storage strategies for things in the attic.

Organized Storage

A well-organized attic is more than just a storage solution. It's a way to ensure the longevity of your keepsakes. By carefully storing and organizing your items, you can prevent them from getting damaged or lost. ABH Services Inc. points out that an organized attic also increases the safety of your home by not having things laying around that aren’t used on a daily or weekly basis.

Long-term Storage

If you're looking to store keepsakes long-term, the attic can be an ideal place, provided they're stored correctly West Coast Self Storage suggests using airtight containers to keep your keepsakes dry and to prevent them from attracting pests.

Systematic Organization

Storing keepsakes systematically helps keep them organized and easily accessibleThis allows you to revisit cherished memories whenever you want An attic, with its ample space, can provide enough room to create a systematic storage system for your keepsakes.


Creating zones in your attic for different categories of items can make it easier to find what you're looking for example Minima suggests designating areas for holiday decor, keepsakes, etc; This way, you'll always know where to find your keepsakes when you want to look at them.

Alternative to Self Storage

While self-storage units have their benefits, they can also be costly. An attic, on the other hand, is a free storage solution located within your home. With the right organization and storage methods, your attic can be just as effective as a self-storage unit.

Attic Lift Systems

For those with mobility issues or large, heavy keepsakes, an attic lift system can be a game-changer. These systems make it easier to transfer items from the lower levels of your house to the attic This means you can store more keepsakes in your attic without worrying about how you'll get them up there.

woman using attic lift

Attic storage is essential for keeping your keepsakes safe, organized, and accessible. With careful planning and organization, your attic can become the perfect place to store and preserve your cherished items.  GOOD LUCK!





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