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The Three Don'ts of Organization!

Don’t buy storage containers, shelves, or other organizers before planning your space!

There are many tips on how to organize.  We have some blogs ourselves on the best ways to organize your garage, your attic, etcetera. You can find them on our blog at  Today we want to share three tips on what to avoid while organizing to make the process smoother. 

Often, we make the mistake of spending a large amount of money purchasing the best possible containers for storing all their stuff.  After cleaning we realize that many of the items, we have purchased are unusable.  They may be the wrong size, they are not suitable for the purpose we need them, or they may just not be needed after all.

This is why you should plan your layout and do the correct measurements before you purchase any type of organization containers or shelves.  Also make sure you know the number of containers you need to buy, before purchasing them.  Otherwise, you will have items you do not need, can not use, and you have wasted your money and time.

Don’t think you can clean and organize in an hour.

If you want to make sure t you are really cleaning and organizing you need to set aside a whole day.  You will want to make sure that you can do it correctly and completely!  Nothing is worse than getting in the middle of a project and being able to finish it.  Sorting, Decluttering, and Organizing takes time, so make sure you have the time you need and don’t make other plans for the same day.

Don’t take the clutter from the one place and just putting it in another place

Replacing clutter in another area is not decluttering or cleaning!  Everything should have a home, if you cannot figure out where something belongs then you need to consider you may not need it, and it should be donated, sold, or thrown away.  

By avoiding these three common mistakes while organizing you can have a successful time cleaning and organizing.  You will feel much better after having accomplished this task!

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