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The Home Organization Key

June 19, 2015

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How do others get their homes to be so perfect?

Because their brains won’t let them do otherwise. It’s true. Sometimes your born with this type of dilemma ingrained into your mind. Can’t do a thing unless the mess is clean. Those that weren’t born with it, well they struggle more to keep things as neat and tidy. This key will help you to unlock those mysteries.

What do you have to do? It is pretty simple, when you think about it. Start with a small area, like the coffee table or your bedside tables. These are small areas that will be in the direct line of sight for anyone entering a room. The easy part is setting it up and organizing it like you want, the first time. That is a cinch, in fact you do it every time you clean. The hard part is making your brain ingrained with the same detail that others have.

Whenever something is moved and not put back where it belongs, just do it yourself. Don’t expect the others to do it. Mentally tell yourself to stop what you are doing and put the table back in the right order. Studies suggest that if you can do this for 20 days, it will become habit. That one space will stay clean and organized just like you want it to. Once it’s easy to do, move on to another troubled area and repeat the process.

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