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Attic Lifts for Airbnb or VRBO Rental Properties

What is an Attic Lift and How Can it Benefit My Rental Property?

Attic lifts, which are mechanical devices used to transport items to and from the attic, can be a valuable addition to both Airbnb properties and long term rental properties. Here's why an attic lift might have a place in these types of accommodations:

  1. Convenient Storage Solution: Attics can be used effectively as storage spaces in homes and rental properties to store things like seasonal patio furniture, supplies for maintenance, as well as additional repair materials such as tile, sheetrock and lumber.  Since the square footage means revenue, you would not want to use large closets or garage space for some of these items and sometimes if you only have one rental in that city, utilizing offsite storage could be an additional cost.  That being said, accessing the attic via a pull down type attic ladder or staircase can be dangerous, especially when carrying heavy or bulky items up and down the stairs. An attic lift eliminates this inconvenience by providing a convenient way to transport belongings to and from the attic space.  attic lift with suitcases

  2. Increased Accessibility: Attic lifts make the attic space more accessible to guests and tenants for example if you have a two story beachfront Airbnb and want to transport ice chests, food, beach towels and toys from the deck level second floor down to the beach or garage level. Instead of struggling with steep staircases or narrow passageways, they can simply load their items onto the lift and safely transport them to the desired location. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with mobility challenges or those carrying large suitcases or equipment.  While you cannot ride a lift, getting those items up or down is made easier and safer with an attic lift. 

    garage lift with speakers
  3. Improved Safety: Carrying heavy items up and down stairs can pose a safety risk for both guests and property owners. With an attic lift, the need for manual lifting and maneuvering is eliminated, reducing the likelihood of accidents or injuries. Property owners can prioritize the safety and well-being of their guests by providing an attic lift as a convenient and secure means of storage.

  4. Time-Saving Convenience: Attic lifts save time for both guests and property owners. Guests can quickly and easily store their belongings in the attic at the beginning of their stay, freeing up space in the living areas. When it's time to leave, they can retrieve their items from the attic effortlessly. For property owners, an attic lift eliminates the need to assist guests with moving their belongings, allowing them to focus on other aspects of managing the property.

    attic lift on outside deck
  5. Versatile Storage Options: Attic lifts can accommodate a wide range of items, including luggage, sports equipment, seasonal decorations, and more. This versatility makes them suitable for all types of guests, whether they are staying for a short-term vacation rental or a long-term lease. By providing an attic lift, property owners can offer their guests a practical storage solution that caters to their diverse needs.

  6. Enhanced Guest Experience: Including an attic lift in an Airbnb or rental property can contribute to an overall positive guest experience. Guests appreciate the convenience and ease of storing their belongings securely in the attic. It adds a level of luxury and comfort to their stay, making them more likely to leave positive reviews and consider returning in the future.

    lady operating garage hoist

While Versalift attic lifts can be a valuable addition to Airbnb, VRBO and long term rental properties, it's important for property owners to consider factors such as the size and weight capacity of the lift, installation requirements, and maintenance. Consulting with professionals who specialize in attic lift installations is recommended to ensure a safe and efficient solution for both guests and property owners.

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