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Simple Ways To Start Decluttering When You Are Overwhelmed

Decluttering Can Be Stressful

Clutter is commonplace in any home, and it’s often up to us to get rid of it before it grows into a massive problem. However, sorting through clutter requires a person to make a series of difficult decisions, which can be mentally and physically exhausting. In fact, this is why many homeowners put off decluttering entirely. If you’re looking to clean up your home while minimizing stress, use these simple ways to start decluttering when you’re overwhelmed.

Start Slow

Firstly, it’s best to begin the process slowly. Though you might want to try to tackle the entire project in a few days, this can actually demoralize you. Decluttering can take time, and accepting that from the start can make the task more productive overall. Instead of jumping in headfirst, tackle a few smaller spaces before working up to the larger piles.

Give Yourself Small Goals To Meet

Another effective strategy is to give yourself realistic goals to meet. Setting goals is crucial to any lengthy process because they allow us to complete a project in steps rather than all at once. Like starting slow, this helps prevent burnout and ensures that you stay motivated throughout your endeavor. Some goal ideas may be to tackle the clutter by room or clean up a specific number of things per day.

Create a Clear Sorting System

One simple way to start decluttering when you are overwhelmed is to develop an effective sorting method. It’s easy to stress yourself out when you can’t tell the difference between things you want to keep and those you want to toss. As such, following a clear sorting strategy throughout the process will keep everything organized. When you feel more in control of the situation, you’ll be less likely to abandon it mid-project.

Dismiss the Idea of Perfection

Most importantly, try to avoid the idea of perfection. Decluttering doesn’t always mean that your house will be spotless once you finish. It may just mean that your things are more organized than they were before. Whether you decided to get rid of many of your belongings or found more effective ways to store them, there will always be additional steps to take. So don’t forget to enjoy the little victories as you conquer the mess.

One of the most overwhelming factors of decluttering is feeling like we need to get rid of things. However, you may not even need to if you can utilize other storage spaces. At Versalift, we’ve made the decluttering process quick, easy, and painless for countless homeowners. Our large attic lift systems can support up to 250 pounds of belongings—streamlining your organization methods and ensuring everything is safely out of the way.

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