Hiding Christmas Presents in Plain Sight

November 28, 2014

In blog

With all this black Friday shopping, you know there is a lot you have to hide.

Where do you hide it all for the next 28 days until Christmas? With older kids, the closet and under the bed just isn’t going to work. They know all those tricks. Can sniff out presents before they have even been sitting there a day! Which almost ruins buying things before Christmas arrives, but you can’t beat the sales!

The key is to surprise them by hiding Christmas presents in plain sight. There have got to be some areas in the house that kids don’t really go into or mess around in. Like the filing cabinet, organize smaller toys in there or gift cards among the files. There are few chances that they will look for anything there. Have you ever thought about using the linen closet? There’s that one blanket that hasn’t been moved in a year, put something behind it. These places are so simple that kids aren’t going to look there. They are going to imagine you going to great lengths to hid them in the normal areas.

Should you think about the possibility that they are on to you. While they are at school, find a box and label it with ‘Family Pictures’ and put it in the attic or wherever your storage is. This will be the greatest hiding spot. What teenager is going to want to revisit the generations of family pictures?

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