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Give a Gift That Keeps on Giving!

Christmas Gift for Safety!

Christmas is right around the corner, what do you want to give family? That is always the hardest question. You need to find something they will use and something they will love. It’s a balancing act that often gets misjudged and you are forced to settle with something simple. A lot of times, the result will be a gift card allowing the recipient to get what they choose. Then, you know they will be happy because they picked it out. But, if you know someone with a storage problem, then you may not have to worry about what to get this year.

Issues with garage storage are always the leading problems in new homes. The buyer sees the house and thinks that everything will fit nicely, just like a jigsaw puzzle. Once the purchase is made, they find out that there seems to be something lacking.

SPACE. It’s not the general space that is missing, it’s the extra space. What you desperately need if you are going to stay away from a storage unit. For some reason, the closets just don’t seem to match up like initially thought.

A party with that problem should be on the list for an attic lift. This is a gift that you can be sure will be appreciated and will be continually used. As with any appliance or machine there must be some criteria met:

* Must have attic or basement.
* Must know specific measurements before ordering.
* Should have an idea of placement.
* Have an owner’s consent to install.

Those are pretty basic, because there aren’t too many “must have’s.” These lifts can be placed for access to the attic or to the basement. They are more commonly used for attics because the attic ladders are usually in poor shape. A semblance of the measurements are important because there are different sizes of lifts. A smaller attic lift will have a lighter lift capacity while the bigger will have the larger. But, you don’t want to order the larger if there is only room for the smaller. Another reason you should have an idea of the placement before ordering.

As this is supposed to be a present, it might be hard to get the owner’s consent beforehand. One idea is to ask one spouse while keeping it from the other. If there is only one owner, you can easily make the purchase like a gift card. You do the leg work and then once the present has been passed on, they can make the important choices.

This gift will keep your friend or family member in better health and will help them for years. They will no longer strain their backs climbing the ladders. Clutter won’t be an issue for them. It will bring more value to the home as well. When it comes to the best gifts, this meets every stipulation. It creates a better environment, is useful for years and puts extra money on the home.

Get your shopping done early!

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