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Attic Hoist Systems in Tulsa, OK

Are you struggling to find a place to keep all of your extra garage hardware, holiday decorations, and storage bins? Versalift has the solution for you! We’ve been designing and selling attic hoist systems in Tulsa, OK, for nearly two decades. Our product removes all the backbreaking and dangerous aspects of physically moving your belongings from the garage to the attic. Learn more about what makes the Versalift so ideal below.

Durably Built

When you’re loading boxes and equipment into your attic, the last thing you want is for the lift to fail. That’s why our attic hoist systems in Tulsa, OK, are rigorously quality tested. Since our lift is designed and engineered to remain stable during the entire unloading and loading process, you won’t see any side-to-side sway. Versalift operates in much the same way as a public elevator, with a gradual ascent and soft arrival.

Simple To Install

Getting a brand new appliance up and running in your home can be associated with fears of a complex installation process. At Versalift, we are well aware of such obstacles, so we created an extremely simple installation method! We’ve found that installing your Versalift requires about three hours from start to finish (perhaps a bit less for hardware-inclined users).

Useful Add-Ons Offered

Need an easy way to navigate your attic and stay safe while moving boxes around up there? We offer an attic safety railing so that there’s no risk of falling or tripping backward. This lightweight yet sturdy attic rail can telescope down or up to provide support at the needed height. Versalift’s attic ladder safety rail makes a high-performance addition to attics of all sizes, whether they’re old or new.

Want to learn more about which Versalift model will work for your Tulsa, OK, home? Check out details of our Model 24 here and learn more about our Model 32 here. If you have any questions about our products or want to request an installation quote, please email us here. We look forward to serving your home storage needs!


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