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Where Do You Put Holiday Storage?

Where to Put Your Holiday Storage

Without one of our lifts, we are curious as to where you put your holiday storage. There are many options from space in the house to going back and forth from the storage unit. Since you already got the boxes and totes out and have put things together for the Christmas season, we are mainly concerned with what you do with the boxes after.

These items only stay up and in use around one month at a time. Do you take the boxes all the way back to the storage unit once you have emptied their contents? Then go back out and get them when you are ready to put everything back for the next year? Or do they just stay lying around the house waiting for you to put them to use again?

Putting Away Holiday Decor Can Be a Breeze

Until you invest in one of our lifts to make your life easier, we have a little suggestion for this type of holiday storage situation. If you use boxes, take them apart for easy storage. They will hide nicely in any gloomy corners of the closet while you wait for the time to make them useful. Totes aren’t that easy to hide. But, you could fill them with whatever you moved to place the Christmas decor. Then place them conspicuously around the house and cover it with a sheet. Simple enough to do and you have turned it into a miniature table. Stack two totes on top of each other to make a taller table and add a few pretties to further disguise it.

Just so you know, with one of our lifts you wouldn’t have to do all this. Just take what you need out, place the totes/boxes back on the lift and send them up. Don’t worry about moving them because they will sit nicely right there.

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