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Top Warning Signs Your Garage Is Too Cluttered

Top Warning Signs Your Garage Is Too Cluttered

Why Declutter Your Garage?

Garage spaces tend to fill up with clutter before many of us realize what happened. In fact, for many homeowners, keeping a messy garage space is something they’ve simply accepted as part of their lifestyle. However, cluttered garage spaces can be dangerous and prevent you from utilizing your home to its fullest potential. As such, it’s important that you know when the situation has gotten out of hand. Use these top warning signs your garage is too cluttered to jumpstart the cleanup process.

You Can’t Fit Your Car

The primary purpose of a garage is to store your car and protect it from the elements. Because of this, the inability to fit it within this space is the first major indicator that something’s not as it should be. You not only need the room to keep your car, but to perform any basic maintenance projects as well. So, if the piles of clutter are too high to justify finding an area for your car, it’s time for a change.

The Floor Is Invisible

Being unable to see your garage floor when you look inside is another top warning sign your garage is too cluttered. Since garages often double as workshops, you need a certain amount of space to move around and find things. Otherwise, it isn’t something that you can use reliably. Packed floor spaces can present a safety hazard as well since it increases your chances of tripping and falling on the debris.

You Can Count the Safety Hazards

Speaking of safety hazards, you might notice that there is a plethora of dangers throughout your garage space. The more clutter you keep in this area, the greater your chances are of getting hurt. Additionally, those hazards can increase depending on what you have stored there. Flammable gases like propane, for instance, can ignite when you least expect it.

It’s Impossible To Find Things

Above all, though, you should consider cleaning out your garage when you cannot find the things you’re looking for. No one wants to dig through piles of clutter just to find a single tool, and it’s a complete waste of your time to do so. Investing a day or two now can save you an ample amount of time overall—even if it’s just to find your power drill.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your garage clean, utilizing your attic space for storage is one of your best options. At VersaLift, we believe that everyone should have access to the necessary tools to maintain their home’s organization. That’s why we sell garage attic hoist systems that help you do just that. These devices allow you to lift up to 200 pounds of belongings up into your attic area for easy storage. This way, you won’t need to go through the trouble of hefting them yourself.

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