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Three Steps to a Great Basement!

How to Convert Your Basement for Extra Storage

A basement is great for extra storage or an extra room. However, this space is often not utilized to its full potential. The basement, often needs some TLC before you can really start using it. For those, who really want to improve the look of your basement, here are three ideas to help you achieve a great basement, enabling you to fully maximize its potential.

Upgrading the Stairs

The one thing that’s really important, are the stairs to the basement. The stairs are the first thing that needs to be upgraded when you want to start using this space. If they are not in good condition, they can lead to dangerous situations, injury, even death.

You can build a new staircase, if you’re stairs are really in bad shape. Whether old or new you can make the stairs look more modern and be safer. If you have young children, anyone who may have difficulty navigating the stairs or may be prone to falling it is especially important to consider the safety of the stairs! Where safety is concerned here are some things to consider:

Are they in good shape?

Do they have a smooth, safe surface?

Are there handrails on both sides of the stairway?

Are there light switches at the top and bottom of the stairs, and is their appropriate lighting the entire length of the staircase?

Is there grasping space for both knuckles and fingers on railings?

Are the stair treads deep enough for your whole foot?

You may want to consider a gate at both ends of the staircase if you feel there is a great risk for someone. If the stairs aren’t as bad, you can just paint the stairs or lay new tiles or carpet over the stairs. This gives an instant upgrade and new look, at the fraction of the cost.  Make sure the stair surface is not slippery!!

The Lighting

The lighting in a basement is typically really bad. This is because when the house was built, the basement wasn’t built for using as a room. In order to use the basement as an extra room for family time or even a bedroom, you will need to add some lighting and make the light in the room better.

There are many great kinds of lighting that you can use to give more light in a dark room, and make a basement look really great.  You will be surprised what a difference is made by just upgrading the lighting. Just remember that when you’re working with electricity, you need to know what you are doing, otherwise hire someone that has experience in working with electricity.

Flooring and Walls

Years of dust, from not using the basement can cause a lot of damage. Oftentimes you need to upgrade the walls and flooring in order to truly achieve a great living space in the basement.

With the floors, you can add a wood flooring, tiles or even carpet. The type of flooring will depend on the purpose of the “new” room. The walls can be painted with a bright color, to increase the light in the room, or you can use a bright wallpaper to finish up the basement.

Most people think that a basement can’t be used, because of its poor condition. However, with some renovations, you will have another great space to use for anything from a family room to another room for guests.  When your finished you can add a VersaLift to help you take things between the basement and the upstairs, increasing safety and convenience! These three ways will make your basement

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