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Things You Should NEVER Store in the Garage!

Things You Should NEVER Store in the Garage!

You might be surprised by what you can’t store in your garage. Things that you may even have in your garage right now. You can damage some stuff by storing it in your garage. If you are planning to organize your garage this summer, you need to make sure you don’t have any of these things stored in the garage.


You might think that paint will be able to be stored in the garage, but any leftover paint isn’t made for extreme summer heat or cold winter days.  If you are storing it on the cement floor, you will damage the paint even further.

Did you ever have leftover paint that when you wanted to use it again, it wasn’t usable? Storing it in the garage or without making sure it was completely sealed may have been why.

Canned food

There is a reason why you should store your canned food in your pantry or kitchen. You most definitely can’t store any canned food in the warm garage. Most garage roofs don’t have insulation that’s keeping the extreme heat out of the garage. Warm canned food will not last a couple of months, because it will get a shorter shelf-life than the canned food that was stored in the cooler homes.

You might be able to store the canned food in the garage during the winter, but it will also reduce the quality of the food that is inside the canned food.

A working refrigerator

You can store your broken refrigerator in the garage, and use it for some extra storage, but you can’t use a working refrigerator in the garage. The refrigerator will need to work a lot harder to keep the food cold inside the refrigerator, because of the heat of the garage. This means that the refrigerator will not last as long as what it should, and there are some chances that the food in the refrigerator will not be as cold as what it should be.

Any working electronics

If you want to store your old, but working electronics, you will need to get another storage space for it. If you are planning to sell the electronics at a yard sale or going to donate it, you can’t store it in the garage. The extreme heat of the summer or the extreme cold of the winter will have damage your electronics.

The main reason certain things should not be stored in the garage is that the garage roof doesn’t have the insulation to make the temperature in the garage manageable. It might be better to make sure things that can be damaged in the garage, are stored inside your home and not in the garage.

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