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Why Attic Ventilators Don’t Assist in Homes

There’s so many debates going on about attic ventilators and if it’s a great idea to install attic ventilators or not. Some people are saying that attic ventilators are a great thing that every home should have, while other people don’t agree. 

However, there are three main reasons why attic ventilators don’t really help in a home that everyone should be aware of, before they install any ventilators in their homes. 

These ventilators can pull the wrong air

When you have ventilators in your attic, you’re thinking that you’re getting cold, fresh air from the outside to your home. However, this isn’t always true. The ventilator can pull in any type of air, from the inside and from the outside.  You can also lower your attic lift to allow more air to circulate in the attic. 

It can happen that you have an aircon that’s keeping your home cool and gets pulled into the ventilators. This means that your aircon will work much harder than it really should. The results will be a much higher utility bill at the end of the month. The ventilator pulls the air from your aircon through cracks and holes in your walls. And, we all know that every home has a crack or two in their walls. There’s not a home that is completely crack free.

Back drafting

Back drafting is when air that has been circulating by ventilators can get back released into a specific space. This effect can be dangerous, if the back drafting air is from gas, or any harmful air or poison.

Another very important problem with attic ventilators is the fact that it can cause back drafting of air from the home, back into the home. The purpose of the attic ventilators is to provide fresh, circulated air into the home.

However, it can happen that when you have for example a gas leak, you will have the risk that the gas is back drafting into your home. Meaning that the ventilator is going to suck up the gas and release it back into your home. This is very dangerous and can cause many different problems. The gas can normally come from the gas water heater that’s situated in your attic as well. 

Energy usage

It’s important to make sure that you save as much money on energy use as what you can every month. This is why it’s important to know how much energy all your household items are using. Attic ventilators use a lot of energy and are most definitely not energy efficient. 

Using the attic ventilators can cost you more money that you can afford, when you’re installing these ventilators in your attic. And, the worst part is that not many people are aware that attic ventilators are using a lot of energy to work properly.

It doesn’t matter if you’re against or for attic ventilators. The facts are that there’s some reasons why attic ventilators aren't really practical in homes. There’s too many risks and it uses too much energy. It’s important to know all the positive as well as the negative things around attic ventilators, before you install it in your home. There’s some cases where these ventilators don’t really work well in homes.

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