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The Dangers of Attic Stairs and Pull-Down Ladders

The Dangers of Attic Stairs and Pull-Down Ladders

Accidents and Attic Ladders Happen

Unfinished attic spaces can pose a series of different hazards for a homeowner. However, even the process of getting up into your attic can present dangers. Due to their unstable nature and minimalistic design, attic stairs and pull-down ladders are some of the most unsafe parts of working with your attic space. So, if you’re going to protect yourself from them, it’s important that you first know the dangers of attic stairs and pull-down ladders.

Unstable Footing

Attic entrances are notoriously narrow, and the ladders themselves are no exception. In fact, many have slight steps and go upward at a steep angle. This makes it much harder to maintain your footing on the ascent and increases your chances of slipping in the process. Falls from these heights can lead to a series of severe injuries. So, it’s key to find ways to help keep your balance.

Exposed Nails or Screws

Older attic entranceways can also have exposed nails or screws from their previous construction. These items stick out from the support beams and can scratch you unexpectedly as you walk up. Because of this, make sure you inspect your ladder before you start climbing. This way, you’ll know if there are any obstacles you’ll need to avoid.

Inadequate Clearance

Another common danger of attic stairs and pull-down ladders is a lack of clearance space between the opening and a person’s head as they climb. This increases the risk of you bumping into things during the ascent and makes you more susceptible to additional injuries along the way. A lack of clearance also raises the difficulty of coming down from your attic, as you may need to crouch to get the proper footing. It’s much easier to trip and fall during this time.

Unsafe Location

Even the location of your attic ladder can present an issue. Should it rest too close to other structures, it’s more difficult to start your climb—further increasing your chances of falling. For this reason, you must assess the location of your attic entrance and make sure you keep all furniture items and clutter away from where the ladder lets down.

If you’re going to make the most of your attic space, you need to get into and out of it safely. That’s why we at VersaLift are proud to provide homeowners like you with our attic stair opening railings. These sturdy bars installed inside the entrance to your attic can provide the perfect leverage to help pull yourself safely up into the room. They also assist with maintaining your footing as you make your way down. So, reach out to us today to learn about what our products can do for you.

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