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The Benefits of Owning an Attic Storage Lift System

It’s no secret that organization and cleanliness are vital keys to a happy and well-functioning home and garage. However, when you can’t use your attic space, making these things a part of your lifestyle can be much more difficult. These are the benefits of owning an attic storage lift system and all the different areas of your lifestyle influenced by it.

Quick and Easy Attic Access

First and foremost, attic lifts allow you to save time by being able to transfer your holiday decorations and keepsakes from the lower level basement or garage to the attic. No longer will you need to spend all day lugging items up and down your dangerous pull down attic ladder, or risk missing a tread and falling down stairs.  Instead, you can complete the job in a matter of minutes—safely and with the simple touch of a button. Just put your items on the platform, push a button, and watch your belongings being transported to the attic or upstairs room for storage.  Some of our clients have fifteen to twenty plastic bins of decorations or belongings and it generally takes less than 20 minutes to get them down safely or put back up.

Less Manual Labor

This device also reduces the amount of manual labor required by you. This is especially important for older individuals who have trouble lifting heavy things. Storage lifts are able to hold up to 250 pounds—that’s more than you can carry in a single trip. This reduces the number of times you’ll need to move up and down the stairs and decreases your overall risk of injury when you have to move items to the attic.

Reduced Risk of Damage

Another noteworthy benefit of owning an attic storage lift system is the lowered chances of damaging your home or the belongings you’re trying to move. When we’re carrying heavy items up and down from the attic, the chances are greater that we’ll drop the item we are carrying or damage it during the transfer. But by moving these items on a secure platform with plenty of clearance, there’s nothing that your possessions could come into contact with. This helps you keep them in better condition for a longer period of time.

A More Organized Home

Most importantly, though, using attic lifts allow you to keep your home more organized in the long run. With much easier access to this storage space, you’re able to more effectively move items in and out of it. This promotes additional organizational opportunities for the rest of your house. With more objects in your attic, it leaves you more space to work in, such as your garage, kitchen, and living room.

As you can see, the motorized attic lift is the future of home organization. Not only does it offer these benefits, but it can also provide a series of others depending on how you choose to use it in your home. At VersaLift, we’ve dedicated ourselves to supplying homeowners just like you with these very devices, as well as detailed instructions on how to install them. This way, you’ll always have the ability to store items safely and maximize your home.

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