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The Answer for Your Storage Conundrum

The Answer for Your Storage Conundrum

Do you feel at a loss with your storage? Is your house overflowing with stuff and you have no idea what you are going to do with it? Are you tired of constantly driving to a storage unit? Better yet, are you tired of having that monthly rental payment? After all, you did buy the house so you didn’t have to worry about renting anymore, right? Well, what you need is a better answer to your storage needs! Luckily, you have come to the right place!

The Overlooked Solution

If your house has an attic, did you know that you have a storage facility at your house? If that question sounds juvenile, not all people consider their attic usable. Sometimes it’s because the house is old or because the attic hasn’t been touched in years. Or it is just too scary having to carry anything up there using the attic ladder. Thus, it just continues to be ignored and no one really considers it as an option for anything. This is the wake-up call.

Your attic could be the perfect area for storage, if you put a little time into it. Maybe you need to place some floorboards, technically they don’t even have to be nailed if you don’t want them too. You should try to put some insulation, but again that is up to you and how ventilated the attic is. Definitely place some small boards on the wall to act as shelves, this will help with storage. It would also be good to bomb the attic and make sure no spiders have called it home. Now, you could always do more if you like the handyman work. These are just simple suggestions for those that want the bare minimum.

The Key Component

Then, you want to invest in an attic lift. This will be the saving grace to your storage concerns. It seems that another problem with using the attic is the ladder, it’s awkward to go up, let alone carry things. Lifts will solve this problem in a heartbeat.

When you are thinking about the installation, it’s easy enough to do on your own. Contractors are also available, if you go through a legitimate company. The lift itself is mechanical and thus must have a controller. You can get a wired or wireless remote with the lift. Don’t worry about kids, the remotes do contain keys that will help control the use. Without the key, it doesn’t work.

Now, with the attic prepared and the lift installed, you are ready to go. Almost anything can fit on this lift because it has a weight limit of at least 200 pounds! That means you can place 2 or 3 totes on the machine at one time and it will be in the attic at your command. This will allow you to use every square inch of your home and remove the need for any additional monthly payment for that unreliable storage unit.

Start making plans to get rid of the crowded home and storage unit stress!

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